Monday, May 20, 2024

Music Monday

Hi pals! Well, it's Music Monday time again.

Da theme dis week are songs that remind you of your mom. 

Did they mean songs about my dog mom? Or my human mom?

I wuz all confuserated so I are just gonna let momma do songs that remind her of her momma. So much easier!

The last one is actually my momma's ringtone for her mom.


  1. Wow, we haven't been here in a long while...sheesh! Bad petcretary, LOL! You look great, Kinley!
    You know what??
    Petcretary has a co worker whose Name is Kinley! Go figure! She doesn't bark though... BOL!

    Good songs!

  2. Lovely music, love the last one. How great you have a mum and grandma you're blessed 💜💜💜

  3. How sweet all these songs. Lovely to heat such sweet music which represents your feelings to your mom and grandmom

  4. That's a great selection of songs, Kinley.


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