Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Smelleded A Rat

Yep, tonight I was outside and I smelled something really interesting - it was a rat!  I chased it rounds and rounds and barked at it some but I think it musta gone up a tree or something.  I wanted that rat dude to come down the tree so I could get him, but he wasn't being too accommodating.  I've never caught a rat before, but Finley has and I am jealous!  I's caught squirrels before and it was a lotta fun.  But I really wanted to catch a rat tonight.  I was going all crazy when my momma made me come in, she's says maybe I can go out rat hunting again tomorrow, I sure hopes so!

See, I think a rat could fit in there pretty good!


  1. Yup, you are all terrier!! My sister would like to come over and help you with your vermin control. Stanzie is a pro in these matters...BOL


  2. well hello westie clone:) I got a groundhog once...well didn't kill em but scared him pretty bad...even though he decided to take a nip at me. Don't worry though, they keep an eye on me...those pesky groundhogs just keep coming into my space!! OH and I got a rabbit once too but he chased me around telling me to drop it. See you soon!!!


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