Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Da Fiesta Pooch Parade

Not dis day, but da dat day called Saturday, me and Finley gots to be in da Fiesta Pooch Parade in San Antonio!  And we gots to meet our pals from Dogster, Ebby and Ceeley!

It was so much fun!  Ebby didn't tell me dat da streets of San Antonio were paved in dog treats!  I think she's been keepin' dat secret to herself, but now I knows.  It was so much fun!

Momma was kinda worried I'd be a barkaholic and try to fights other dogs, but I proved her wrong and didn't bark nobody once we got to da parade.  I was to busy havin' fun!  Me and Finn got to meet Ebby and Ceeley, and dey are some real cute and sweet pups.  Dat Ebby grin is even better in person!

And da treats on dat parade, well dat was tons of fun.  One lady even let us pick out own treat out of dis basket.  I guess we is so cute dat people throw treats at us in da parade instead of da other way around.  Dere were all kinds of dogs in crazy costumes and on wagon floats, it was so much fun.  And da kids!!  I got lots of pets from da kids!!

Here are some pictures!


  1. The parade was so much fun!!!!! We need to do it again next year!!

  2. It did look like fun, I wished we had something like that where I live. I have family in San Antonio and sometimes I get to go and visit.


  3. Oooh that parade looks like alotta fun!!!
    I awarded you the Leibster Award, pawlease check out my blog fur details :)

    Teddy xxx


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