Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So pupses, I had a pretty good Easter.  My BFF Finley came to visit me and we had a whole lotta fun.  We got in lots of barkin' and playin' and we went on two walks while she was here.  I got to show her dose tasty chickens I am always seeing on my walk.  I tried t tell my momma we should have some chicken for Easter dinner and dat I knew where to get it, but she didn't listen.

And I even got an Easter present, a bunny stuffed animal to play with!  My momma has some of those candies and stuff, but she are not sharing because she are selfish like dat.

It are kinda quiet here without Finley now.  But at least I got a new stuffed animal to play with.  Hope y'all had a happy Easter!


  1. Whitley you certainly had a nice Easter. How exciting to have a friend to come over and play with you.

  2. Whitley I think you had a super Easter. Thanks fur sharing it with us.


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