Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sunshine Award and Tornado Craziness

First of all, I is startin off wif a very special award I got.  It are da Sunshine Award!  I got it from two of my pals, Cinnamon at Coonhound Tales and Charlie Boy, Roman, and Brooke at My Dog Diaries.

Da Sunshine Award are given by bloggers to other bloggers dat dey admire.  Here are how dis award works:
  • Fank da person who gave you da award.  So fanks Cinnamon and Charlie Boy, Roman, and Brooke!
  • Name ten things bout yourself dat other might not know.
  • Pass the award on to ten other bloggers (be sure to shows da Sunshine Award logo so dey can use it too)
So now for da ten things bout myself . . . 

1.  My favoritest movie (in fact da only kinda TV I watch at all) are Oklahoma.  Momma do not know why I luvs it, maybe it are becuz I was born in Oklahoma, but I do luvs it.  Just listenin to da music makes me smile.  I start smilin at da overture and really grinnin at "Oh What a Beautiful Morning."  I grins da whole time.  Well, ok, I falls asleep during da dance sequence cuz it are borin, but I wakes up for Da Farmer and Da Cowman should be friends.  My favorite song are da Oklahoma song.

And I are not kiddin bout lovin dis movie, I really do luv watchin it.

2.  I has invented a game called pool ball.  It involves me gettin on da pool float in da pool and bouncin plastic play balls off my nose.  Also barkin like crazy and swimmin round.  I even bounce da balls off my nose while I are swimmin!

3.  I has lived on all over da country.  I was born in Oklahoma and I lives in Plano, Texas, but I has also lived in Lost Anjulus where my momma went to college and in Bawston where my momma went to law schools.  And I lived in Austin too.  And I has taken long road trips and seens all kinda places in between.

4.  I are a true southerner.  No offense to da yankee pupses out dere, but I would get very happy sniffin da air once we got into Virginia and den I would get even happier da closer we got to Texas.  I could smell Plano all da way from da Texas border wif Arkansas or Louisiana (dependin on which highway we was on), which are bout 3 hours away!  Dis photo are me grinnin bout being back in da South.

5.  As y'all may have noticed, I luvs clothes.  I dance to wears dem.  I has dresses, t-shirts, bandanas, hoodies, jackets, coats, sweaters, even a raincoat and a pair of bootses from when I lived in Bawston.  

6.  I luvs kitties.  I gots two kitty pals - Travis and Maurice.  I luvs dem soooooo much, I are crazy for kitties.  Here are some pictures of Maurice and Travis.  Maurice are da black and white dude and Travis are da Ginger.

7.  I luv baths.  I runs and jumps in da tub when I here da word bath or tub.  Sometimes I even jump in momma's bath, BOL BOL!

8.  I has a wrinkly back.  It are a recent development, but I has lots and lotsa wrinkles on my back.  Maybe I are tryin to be like da basset hounds - momma used to have basset pups.  Dey were cuties.

9.  I are a barkaholic, but y'all probably know dat.  I bark everything - Finley, peeples comin in and outta da room, da mailman, da UPS man, da FedEx man, da neighbors, da birds, shadows, doorbells on TV, cars drivin down da street, my momma puttin on a swimsuit, da wind, skwerrils, zombiez, bunnies, invisible zombiez, well, ya names it and I barks it.

10.  I has killed varmintz.  I know I looks all cutie patootie, but I are tuff.  I has killed skwerrilz (while on leash), rats, and a mousie.  I are a real tuff terrier girl!

I are giving dis award to:

1.  Finley
2.  Daisy
3.  Freckles
4.  Zaidie
5.  Fizzy
7.  Maurice
8.  Wyatt
9.  Bertie

Have funs!

Now for da tornado craziness - dere were a tornado dat touched down in a town just a little norf of ours - we all had to go get in da bathroom when da tornado warning came on da TV.  I were happy and jumped in da bathtub becuz I thought I were getting a bath.  We all left once we realized da tornado were norf and dat our sirens were not going off.  I were mad becuz I were tricked, my momma had told me "tub time" - but I did not get no bath!!!


  1. Whitley, you is da onlyest pup I evfur knowed of dat would upsetted cuz dey DIDN'T gets a bath!!

    1. BOL! I were really disappointed and refused to get outta da tub at first.

  2. Barking at ya back Whitley. Congratulations on your award and well deserved we say. Have fun hunting vermin today pal. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. I's off to go hunt some skwerrilz on my walk!

  3. We love getting to know you better, Whitley! Our mom loves the music from Oklahoma too!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. OKLAHOMA... WE love that one TOO. Our MOM and Sarge's Mom went to see a LIVE pawformance of it... and they even had a REAL LIVE HORSE on the stage TWICE... it pulled the Surrey with the Fringe on top. Mom's favorite song is Poor Jed is Dead.

    1. How cool! I likes dat song too - it are funny!

  5. Whitley! we can't believe you are such a tuffie! Glad you are safe from the tornado!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

    1. Yeah, I's a ruff and tuff girl. I barked dat tornado and kept it away from my house too.

  6. Thank you for the Sunny Award :D We love learning all about our terrier friends.
    I like the smell of "home" too. And you have good taste in movies!


    1. Awww, you's welcome! I luvs learnin bout my pals too!

  7. Well we learned lots of new things about you today.

    1. Yeah and my momma had to limit it to just ten things - I tried to tell her we could do 20 since I gots nominateded twicest, but she are lazy bones.

  8. Cinnamon says: "You are welcome for the award. And I learned so much about YOU! Luv, Cinnamon"

  9. OMD, Whitwey! Yu r a tuff act tu fowwow, bud I will du my bestest on my bwog. I r SO gwad da tornado knowed 'nuff tu keep 'way fwum yur howse. Pawsum barkin', sweet gurl!

  10. Whitley, I am very honoured that you nominated me for the lovely Sunshine award, but I regret I have to decline. Gail has always absolutely refused to allow me to accept awards for my blog, on the grounds that I am quite big headed enough already, Unfair I know, but that's how it is.
    I loved reading all your answers.
    Toodle pip!

    1. Well, it'll just be a secret award, ok?? Hee hee!!

  11. Thank you so much, Whitley! My peep is jotting down 10 things about me to post. I don't think they'll be anything remotely close to yours! I would love to play pool ball with you! Thanks for the Sunshine!

  12. It would be a better world and more peacefur without them tornadoes...
    Glad you are all safe!

    I am like Bertie up ahead of me...I have to not be allowed to accept awards! Even though I am honored, BOL!

    Growlmy says she can hardly keep up with doing Dogster/Catster stuff, all the blogs and chores..and her work...was that the right order, Growlmy??
    See there were 9 pictures to make a few days ago, a hundred and one blogs to read...and the comments I wasn't allowed to bark mine until tonight...and the day was nice so the trees that had fallen during the winter had to be cleaned up...and...well you understand!

    Oh, and now there's a whole pen full of chickens next door...barkety-bark WOOF!

    1. Have fun barkin dose chickens! And you still gots da award, even if ya don't do da post, ok?


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