Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Girlz Night Out

Well, it are Girlz Night Out, and I's cappin off da evenin's festivitees wif a cocktail pawty for all us ladies.  I sure had a pawsome time at gettin an aqua massage at Madi's, samplin all dat tasty cheeze at Sasha's, and drinkin tea wif teddy bearz at Dory's.  Not to menshun shootin pool in Lily's game room and huntin wif Hailey and Emma

Finley has got da grill goin - wif all kindsa tasty BBQ!  Dat BBQ chikken wuz da best BFF!

Ya know I had to dress up for dis cocktail pawty.  Dis are da new dress dat Finley's momma made me for today - fanks so much!!

Ok, so onto da drinks.  Well, of course, Ruby brought her Margarita Truck - so be sure to grab a RubyRita!  I know I are gonna!

And pupses, I got tons of drink-makin supplies!  Dis are just a lil sample!

I are ready to get to mixin drinks.

Since it are nice and warm here, we got all kindsa tasty tropical drinks to keep ya cool . . .

We also gots Pupiña Coladas . . .

Salty Dogs . . .

Mutt Tais . . .

Dawgquiris . . .

Cosmuttpolitans . . .

Muttjitos . . .

Barky Marys . . .

Puppa Libres . . .

Singapup Slings . . .

Furicanes . . .

We even has Zombies!  Da drinkin kind are a lot better dan da brain-eatin kind.

I even made a Potted Parrot for our feathered pal Kismet.

And for our kitty pals, I made up some speshul Nipitnis . . . 

Travis, dese ain't for ya!  Get outta here!!

Can ya believe dat boy???

Crockett, get outta here, dis pawty are fur GIRLZ only!  Just cuz I's servin a drink called a Raspberry Kitten doesn't mean I are servin a kitten givin me a razzberry!!  Dis are da drink I are talkin bout . . .

Can ya believe dose guys???

Finley are drinkin a Navy Dog Grog - dat drink sure packs a punch!

Ok, now bein as we's terrierists from Scotland, we's got a nice variety of Scotches for ya ladies to sample . . .

And of course it wouldn't be a pawty wifout da Black and White . . .

Since nuffin pairs wif Texas BBQ quite like Texas beer, I'd invite y'all to try a Shiner.  Dere are nuffin finer dan an ice cold Shiner.

And for ya ladies who prefurs wine, don't worry, I's gotta ya covered.  

Pupnot Noir . . .

Cabernet Sauvindog . . . 

Chardognay . . .

And of course some Champupange . . . 

Now, let's all us ladies raise a glass of our favorite libayshun to Cinderella, who had to leave da pawty a lil before midnight to go to da Rainbow Bridge.  We are gonna miss ya a lot.

I are enjoyin my second third fifth drink, a Tiki Terrier Punch - hope y'all enjoyed dis cocktail pawty as much as I did!


  1. Best pawty ever!!! Another salty dog please, do you think 4 is too(hiccup)many(burp). I am having the best slime, I mean time, lets dance!!!

    Loveys Slasha

    1. 4? Ya's just gettin started!

      And I'm all for hittin da dance floor . . .

  2. You better send my sister home...she looks a little wobbly!
    "Constanza Marie you get home RIGHT NOW!"


    1. Hey, dat are what all da cushy beds round here are for. Sleepin if off.

  3. Replies
    1. She's welcome to keep my momma and Finley's company, BOL BOL!

  4. Totally expected from someone who lives in a dry area :)

    1. Hey, Plano are wet now. :) It are da onliest local elekshun my momma has ever voted in.

    2. Ruby bribed the voters with a 'rita.

    3. Ritas can make ya do all kindsa things . . .

    4. Yeah, dat aren't da reezun da Mommaz got such a big bar seleckshun... der fondness fur da tiki cocktails is da reezun...

    5. Well then, I'll join you as long as I don't have to fly home.

  5. Hey, BFF, I'll have anuther Razzberry Kitten.... and speakin' of da Razzberry Kitten, Crockett!!! get outta here! You's a boy and ya can't be in here...

    Yeesh.... lil brofurs crashin' a pawty... whut a clishay!

    1. Yeah, dem cats crash into everything, BOL BOL!

  6. Two Pupina Colada's please!!!! We raise our glass in toast to Cinderella, we will see again someday sweet furiend!
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. Good times! Were rocking and rollin!

  8. OMD!!! This is FABulous gurl!!!! Sashy just fell from my chandelier, so we are overs again to get some 'pain relievers'!!!! BOL!!!! Okays, Nows, I thinks I'll try some of your special drinkies! How abouts one of those ZOMBIES!!!! The drinkable kind..not the 'eat your brain' kind...ooooo and hows about a muttjitos!!!
    Oh, pour those for me..I thinks I better go gets some BBQ over at Finley's...
    Be right back...
    Ruby ♥

  9. Crikey ...... I've NEVER seen that much grog in the one place before. You sheilas'll be hitting the dance floor alright. You might never get up again, however!!!

  10. Whitley...this is the bestest way to wrap up Girlz Night!!! Just love these Cosmuttpolitans...Slllluuurrrrrp!!!!!

  11. Cheers and what a selection. Methinks better get the aspirin out today. Nice one Whitely. . Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Oh wow Whitley, you've spoiled us!!! What an amazing array of cocktails!!!
    I finks I'll haf a Pupnoir please, a large one please, hic,hic
    Loves an dlicky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Luffing the new frock, pawfect choice again!

  13. Hmmmm, do you have samples of everything? I think Emma will have a Barky Mary and I will have some Pupnoir, I hear it goes well with squirrel.


    1. Yeah, it pairs great wif skwerril. But most things do.

  14. ♫ DING Dong ♫ ♪DING DONG♪
    HELLO... we are new to the area and would like to Join in the fun... I am FRANCINE and this is my SISTER ErnesTINE.... We have a Tupperware route and you are in our area... if you would allow us to join in... we have TupperFAVORS for all of ///SLAM///
    We are batting 87 Frankie... THAT was yet another door slammed in our face.
    I knew we should have worn FANCY Dresses.

  15. Oh wow, that's much better than our beer-pawty... girls have a paw for colors and drinks! I will raise my glass to Cinderella too....
    btw: your dress is the best ever for a party!!!
    easy rider

  16. We loved the dress, and raise a glass to honor sweet Cinderella.
    stella rose

  17. That looks like the best party ever and that dress you were wearing is very pretty!

  18. You grrls really know how to pawty! What a grreat time. Thank you for raising a glass to my sissy. I'm sure she's having some libations of her own up on the Rainbow Bridge. Now... maybe you could pass me a Shiner or three through the window, so I'm not actually AT the pawty??

    1. Did ya get da Shiner I left outside da fence??

  19. Wow! That looked like fun! Better than mud!

  20. Um

    I can't be here either...even if I pretend to be Ms Jaqueline Freckelina, BOL!

    I thought ya'll might need a designated driver...

    1. We could use one, since I are da designated drinker . . .

  21. Gulp! You girls can sure hold your drink! And you know how to throw a pawsome party too! Here's to Cinderella! We know she saw this and smiled real wide :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  22. Of course, us guys couldn't come by on the actual night of the shindig since it was prohibited. You girls sure do know how to party!!!

    1. Yeah, next time we's gonna hafta do a coed party!


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