Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Pashun for Fashun wif Chewy and Canidae Bakery Snacks

As y'all might know, it are Chewy Fashion Week!  Ya know me and my sisfurs has a pashun for fashun and we couldn't wait to get in on da fun. I started by headin over to my dress basket - it are where momma keeps all my dresses she and Brinley's momma have made me.

Good thing it are a BIG basket!

I'll piled up all my dresses so I could pick da pawfect one for today.

I chose for us to wear our BBQ dresses for dis review.

Da BBQ dress wuz da pawfect fashun statement since Chewy sent us Canidae Life Stages Bakery Snacks with Wild Boar and Kale.

A human model might eat kale, but I doubt dey are lucky enuf to get to eat wild boar wif it.

Good thing I's a fur model instead.  Walk walk, fashun baby, work it, I'm a free bitch baby . . . ok, ackshually I wuz a pretty eggspensive bitch but I are worth every penny.

We couldn't wait to try dat wild boar and kale!

Brinley couldn't stop grinnin once she saw da treat bag!

And Finley ackshually tried to open da bag herself!

So about these treats.  Da Canidae Life Stages Bakery Snacks with Wild Boar and Kale are oven-baked crunchy treats made in da USA.  Ya can break them in half (if your momma are MEAN), but luckily, we each got a whole treat. At only 25 calories a biscuit, we'll keep lookin like our model selves even if we eats a whole treat.

Da ingredients are: brown rice, steel cut oats, wild boar, kale, oat fiber, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and citric acid), and natural flavor.  Dere are 40 treats per bag.

Dey look delishus!

Finley grabbed dat treat right outta my momma's hand!

Obviously she wuz a big fan.

Brinley wuz more polite and waited for my momma to give her da treat.

She wuz a big fan too!

Den I got to try one.

It smelled great and it tasted even better!

Me, Brinley, and Finley is givin da Canidae Life Stages Bakery Snacks with Wild Boar and Kale 12  fashun-forward paws up and 3 waggin tails!  Fanks so much for lettin us try these treats! As always, we wuz impressed by Chewy's fast shippin - our treats came right away.  Fanks so much Chewy!

Disclaimer: As part of the Chewy Blogger Program, I wuz provided the treats for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for my opinion.  Although I could use a couple hundred thousand tennis balls.  ;)


  1. Wow, you scored in the treat department and of course you knew 'egg-sack-tly' what dress to wear!

    MJF must have been reading about chowing down cause while petcretary was reading this post to him, he went and demolished his freshly cooked chicken and rice, then he went and noshed some other noms that were on hand...wow, after not eating anything much all day. Petcretary even had called the vet this morning...he did say to wait a few more days...

  2. Nom!! Those smileys say it all...and your dresses are pawfect!!
    Jakey and Arty

  3. wow that are tasty treats and you are da best dressed girls of the universe... love your dress basket... it looks like a treasure chest and efurry dress is a treasure... so it's a dress-ure chest, right?

  4. We are thinking that Fashion Week was devised especially for you Westie girls.
    Looking grrreat as ever!

  5. y'all are just precious but i gotta say, finley really put a smile on my face. i don't know when i've seen her so happy!
    wags, bailey unleashed

  6. Hari OM
    BOL... oh you know how to work it Kinley!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Those are nice BIG treats! I like big!
    You girls always look so stylish in your pretty dresses!

  8. Yum, yum, they do look like tasty treats!
    AND, you three are the most pawfect models...just how do you decide what to wear with such a great choice of outfits?
    (makes my one frock look a bit sad really!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Dis month, my momma has been going wif da wacky holiday theme mostly. And she dresses us to match her a lot.

  9. I love Canidae cookies! My only complaint is they make it easy for Mom to break them in half and I want the whole cookie! Pretty BBQ dress too!

    1. Luckily, my momma gave us each a whole cookie. But yeah, dat breakable thing are not so good.

  10. You could have a big fashion show extravaganza with all those beautiful dresses! You'd be the stars of NY Fashion Week!

    Oh and those yum yums look great too.

  11. We aren't sure about the kale bit...but they sound yummy, and good on your mum for not breaking them in half.

    We think Finley may have to grab sometimes like Bella does. Something about having siblings.

    1. Yeah, Finley can be kinda grabby. One of da reasons she gets to always eat first.

  12. Girl I am amazed at that dress collection! Momma says she doesn't think I will ever get used to clothes. BOL. I just like to bes frees!

    Puppy Growls,


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