Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Blue Buffalo Red, White & Blue Bars from Chewy!

Hi pals! We has a Chewy review for ya today!

As ya know, July are America's birthday month.

And what better way to celebrates dan wif Blue Buffalo Red, White & Blue Bars!

Blue Buffalo Red, White & Blue Bars are crunchy oven-baked biscuits. We got a 8 oz bag to try.

Dese treats has wholesome ingredients like oatmeal, yogurt, flaxseed, barley, apples, and carrots. Dere's no corn, soy, wheat, or poultry by-products involved. And dey is baked wif pride in da USA. Dere's 39 calories per treat. 

And da Blue Buffalo Red, White & Blue Bars come in a fun patriotical shape!

Finley wuz eggcited to try her all-American treat. 


Brinley wanted to show what a patriot she wuz too.

Nuffin more patriotic dan eatin a flag cookie right??

And since I'm all-American pup, I couldn't wait to get my lips on dis all-American treat! 


Brinley couldn't wait to try 


I fink we need a second cookie.

I mean, ya can't be too patriotic, right???

Me, Brinley, and Finley is givin da Blue Buffalo Red, White & Blue Bars 12 pawtriotic paws up and 3 All-American waggin tails!  Fanks so much for lettin us try these treats! As always, we wuz impressed by Chewy's fast shippin - our treats came right away.  Fanks so much Chewy!

Disclaimer: As part of the Chewy Blogger Program, I wuz provided the treats for free for an honest review, but wuz not paid for my opinion.  Although I could use a couple hundred tennis balls. I'd even take ones printed wif American flags, BOL!


  1. oh what a super idea to make real stars&stripes snacks... and we LOVE your dresses!!!

  2. They look so yummy and they're pretty too and they're BIG!

  3. Those treats sure look tasty. How lucky you were that your momma didn't break them in smaller pieces.

  4. So cute that they look like flags!!
    Hazel & Mabel

  5. That Blue Buffalo sure knows how to make a nommy treat!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  6. SQUEEE!! The flags cookies are so cute! We love Blue Buffalo treats too.

  7. Those are fun cookies! Somehow I cannot imagine eating the flag that we have here so a cookie is a second best, BOL, BOL!


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