Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Westie Wednesday

Hey pals!

Today wuz a fun day - we got to bark at my momma while she swam. And we got to bark at da naybor's lawn crew. 

And we smell pizza cookin!!!

We also got to wear da udder side of da dresses we got for our Gotcha Day.

I think Brinley wuz happy to model!

And ya know I wuz!

Ok, I wuz also happy bout da cookie momma wuz holdin.

Dis summery dress goes great wif da HOTS we is havin here. Even if we only wore da dress in da Ay-See. 

After all, when da temperature are higher dan your momma's weight, it are too hot for wearin a dress.  Really, it are too hot for much of anything.

But here's a close up of da buttons anyways.

Now bout dat pizza smell.

Fanks so much Dalton and Pipo for our Gotcha Day card! We luvs it!


  1. Your Mom sure does a lot of sewing! Ghostwriter wonders where she finds all the nice fabrics and buttons.

    I hope you got some of that pizza. (I was extra lucky today and got a few pieces of grilled steak. Yummy!)

  2. Those dresses sure are sweet, and I bet they make you think of the cooler times....they will be a coming, BOL!
    It is nice here, in the low 80's. But we might get some rain over the next few days. But we won't complain, we NEED it badly, the grass crunches and it pokes my paws.

    1. It are sposed to be 108 or somefin here tomorrow.

  3. You gurls look FABulous! Did you say pizza???? I'll be right overs with the margarita truck...
    Ruby ♥

  4. the dresses are fabulous... we totally agree, they say a lot about that hot summer ;O)))

  5. Hari OM
    Not so much the dresses, more the fur coats which hold ya back in that heat methinks!!! No such complaint here... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Holy cow! 108!!! We would NOT be able to handle that!! 85 is too hot for us! BOL! Your dresses are just amazing!! Sure wish our mama could sew. You must have one REALLY big closet!

    1. 85??? I don't think we even got dat as a low.

  7. Love your dresses! Now about that pizza........

  8. Your dresses are beautiful on both sides.

  9. One thing we are NOT missing about Texas is the hawts!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  10. that's a lot of barking you are doing! Dakota is proud of you!

  11. A pool and a pizza. Who could ask for anything moree


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