Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Well, today's bike ride wuz uhhh, interesting. When momma wuz da furthest away from da house (probably about 4 miles or so), her back tire went completely flat. So we had to call grandma (and Aunt Ally and grandpa till he finally picked up a phone) so we could get grandma to give us a ride home. I wuz kinda confused about WHY we had to stand around in da heat, but I got a car ride, so it wuz kind of a win for me. Momma are annoyed cuz she thinks it needs to go to go da bike shop. 

Finley has been being a stinker, but dat are not exactly news.

Brinley wants to know - what's da last thing you barked on TV??? As ya know, she luvs her some TV, especially da barkable kind. Aquaman last nite wuz EMINENTLY barkable.


  1. Oh my you got a flat! THAT is a pain in the patootie isn't it! I am glad you could call a lift!!

  2. Bummer with the bike. That is no fun.

  3. We hope the shop can fix your bike real fast so you don't miss out on too many adventures. At least you got a car ride and it wasn't going to the VET.

  4. I'm a parrot so I don't bark but I could if I put my mind to it. I'd just have to parrot Kaci and Kali.

  5. I don't really bark at the TV, but Momma said that she thinks Aquaman is barkable too. Weird.

  6. That is a long way to push a bike so we are glad Mom got a ride. Wonderful Selfies fellows

  7. Usually dad is the one who barks at the TV at my house.

  8. OMD...What an adventure you had Kinley!!

    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  9. Gorgeous selfies this week, and very well attired, too!
    Oh no! Not having your own vehicle to convey you is a real bind—but getting the chauffeur to pick you up was a masterstroke and one that must have the neighbours in awe. As to barking at Aquaman, well seems quite reasonable if you ask me, after all, there is a lot of edibles there, ;) MOL
    Have a great week

  10. Oh no, a puncture! And with such a precious cargo on board.
    Did it go with a bang?
    Brinley, you should insist on a pre-ride safety check next time.
    Toodle pip!

  11. I hope your momma can get the tire boo boo repaired so you all can finish up your adventure.

    Grandma's Westie, Lily, barks whenever she sees anipals on the black moving screen at her house. She also barks at deer that come into her yard and at the neighboring doggy that she would really like to play with. Winks.

  12. Heat and a non-rideable bike. That's no good. Glad you had the back up crew!

  13. Oh, flat tires are no funs at ALL! Glads you gurls got a ride ~ standin' out in the humid Texas heats is horribles!
    I really don't barks at the teevee, butts Ma thinks that Aqua Man dude is dreamy! wells, he ain't no Murphy, butts, okay....
    Ruby ♥

  14. Phooey on flat tires...its the story of petcretary's van lately, too...and you can't put *that* in the trunk...BOL!

    Cute selfies!
    We barked the dog on a radio commercial, the TV is not on that much around here.


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