Saturday, August 17, 2019

Weekend Update

Hi pals!

We hope you're havin a good weekend.

It has been HOT here.

So hot we has had to switch to early morning walkies.

Dis are a big deal since da mommas are pretty much da opposite of morning people. I'm not even a morning pup, I stumble outta my bedroom and try to find another bed to sleep in immediately most mornings.

But walkies are worth waking up for. 

And in other news, momma picked up the repaired bike on Wednesday. Da tires are all fixed and grandma fixed me up wif a new basket, so now da bike are super fast!

We's zooming around town and momma says it are a lot easier to pedal now.

And me and Brinley are spending a lotta time out in da backyard in da afternoons - we luv barkin da mommas when dey swim.

Finley says she'll take da A/C.


  1. You three don't help pedal the bike?

  2. Great news about the bicycle repair and basket upgrade! Too hot is something we have not heard for a while now, though Mrs H says TOO WET an awful lot – and not because we have a pool, either, MOL

  3. I agree - early morning walkies are the bestest. Happy Sunday, girls!

  4. That's good news about your bike and basket. It sounds like you all are keeping busy, especially barking at the mommas when they swim.

  5. Glad you pups are having a good weekend! Oh, and we are the opposite of early birds too. That's because ghostwriter works evening shift and doesn't get home until almost midnight.

  6. We think Early Morning Walks are the best time of the day!

  7. Hope you get some relief from the was a nice 77 here today:)


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