Saturday, August 8, 2020

World Cat Day??


So Travis has been going on bout it being World Cat Day all day long.

But our kitties are always acting like EVERYDAY are World Cat Day. Finley says dat are just what cats do and dat I need to respect em. OK Sheriff Finley!!

Momma even had me wear a kitty cat dress today! OMD!

Hmmm, I wonder if World Cat Day means I get to play chasey wif cats from around da world instead of just cats in dis house. 

Whaddya mean dream on momma? I'm just trying to help the kitties celebrate!


  1. We hope you had fun chasing your kitties around on World Cat Day. BOL!

  2. We can give them one day. The other 365 are for us.

  3. Yeah and we are the ones who do all the work around guarding the peeps and barking all the zombies away...including all trucks, golf carts and bicycles...but not your Momma's. OK?! BOL!

    1. Brinley LUVS barking bikes too. I'm kinda over em after going for so many rides.

  4. Every day is World Cat Day at my kitty cat cousins' house. Hello from Maddie, Tibie, and Hanni!


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