Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A New Dress


Hey pals!

It's Terrier Tuesday. We had a lotta important terrieristic duties today, like growling da mailbox dat fell down across da street.

Pretty shure it wuz da work of zombies. Momma says it wuz da lawn crew dat weed whacked to close to the post for too long and dat dey basically whittled it. Musta been a zombie yard crew. BARK BARK BARK!

Well along wif da barking of zombies, we had another job today.

Modeling our new dresses!

There's all kindsa lil animals on it.

And raccoon buttons!

All this modeling are tuff work. I think I need another cookie.


  1. Love your new dress and what a bummer about your mailbox.

  2. That is such a cute dress on such a cute pup. Good thing you are keeping track of all that is going on in your neighborhood.

  3. You girls always have the latest fashion. (My ghostwriter thinks that fabric would make a nice baby quilt too.)

  4. The crew was whackier than you three?

  5. That is a wonderful dress. You could win Top Model and Project Runway


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