Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Trip Home and Other Stuffs

Hey pups!  I been pretty busy lately.  I been trying to make my momma write more, but she are needin' to borrow my pal from Dogster Zaidie's momma's vodka drip or something because she are all up on the ceiling.  Something about jobs or something - I am not sure.  I don't understand why humans want dose jobs anyway, they seem to take up valuable playing and walking and snoozing time.

Anyways, last weekend, me and momma went back to Plano.  And I got to see my BFF Finley!  It was tons of fun - instead of Finn stealing my toys, I got to play with all MY toys there (momma says dey are Finley's toys but what do momma know).  And I got to bark up da old neighborhood good.  It needs lotsa barkin' and I'm sure Finley are doing a pretty good job, but a little extra barkin' never hurt anything except for momma's ears.  BOL BOL!

I been gettin' lotsa walks and stuffs here - and chasing chickens and squirrels and birds and stuff and it are tons of fun!  Hope all y'all are havin' a good weekend!

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  1. I's tryin' my best, but nobody barks it up like you duz, Whitley!! Miss ya, BFF!!


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