Sunday, April 1, 2012


So tonight me and momma watched my favoritist movie.  Do you know what is is??  It are about dat place where I was borned - Oklahoma!  I loves Oklahoma so much - I get so happy just when da music starts playing.  My ears perk up and I start smiling, and I are no usually a smiley dog.  But Oklahoma makes me smile.  It are the only movie I watch - I do not really watch any kinds of TV at all.  But I loves Oklahoma.  My favoritist part of all is when dey start singing da Oklahoma song.  I guess I are just an Oklahoma girl.

Momma sometimes calls me Okla-charisma because da state of Oklahoma had some funny commercials a couple years ago where dey were putting Okla before all kindsa words - like Okla-beauty and Okla-wonderful and momma's favorite, Okla-charisma.  She sometimes also says I gots Okla-intelligence but I don't think that's a compliment coming from a seventh generation Texan like her.  But I's got Okla-pride, so I don't let it bother me.

Well, dat is all about me and my favorite movie.  Do you gots a favorite movie??  What is it?


  1. Oh, what a beautiful mornin', oh what a beautiful day!

    You sure duz like that movie, Whit!

  2. Okie dokie!!!! HA!!! You are so cute!!!

  3. Whitley we don't have a favourite film, we tend to prefer chasing the sheep we see when they appear on the TV.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  4. Our favourite movie is Red Dog, it's about this amazing dog that travels all over Western Australia.
    Best wishes for Easter from Bella and Ollie


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