Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Back!

I'm back puppers!  I know I has been gone for way too long!  I was real active on Dogster, but now dey are closin' it.  It are a sad day there.  I are gonna be goin' back to bloggin' here now.

I is now livin' with my BFF Finley and three kitties, Jezebel, Maurice, and Travis.  It are a full house, but it are a lotta fun!

Anyways,  I went to da vet yesterday.  Momma had been real worried about me because my eyes had been looking cloudy and kinda blue.  She were all worried about cat-a-rax and glaucoma and other stuffs.  But it turned out all it were were nucular (yeah, we says it like dat down in Texas) sclerosis.  Which sounds kinda terrible, but it basically means my eyesight are not quite as good as it used to be, kinda like how lotsa middle-aged peoples start needing reading glasses.  It are not meaning I are going blind or anything scary.  So it were good news!  And I got to sniff up da vet's office pretty good.

And da other day I got caught tryin' to indulge my preference for Scotch.  Dis westie girl knows where her ancestors came from.  I got caught trying to eat da cork dat had been in da Glenfiddich bottle.  Hey, who doesn't like a good single malt, BOL!  I figure, what's good for my momma are good for me, but she do not always agree.


  1. It stinks about Dogster, but I's glad we gots our blogs!!

  2. Aww, there's your cute lil Westie piccie in a nice warm scarf.

    Keep barkin, Grrl.

  3. Whitley,

    You wuz gone fur a long time too but it is nice to be back, isn't it? :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  4. Hi Whitley,
    I am here, but haven't fixed my blog site up yet,
    mom keeps doing human things, and I can't do this alone
    Love your pics.

  5. We are very sad about Dogster too. We are happy we can follow our wonderful Pup Pal on here. Love and Hugs from The Smith Crew: Braun Boy, Austin, Ginger, Tina and Nugget.

  6. hi Whitley! we will start following your blog as soon as we figure out /remember how to use blogspot! love Rudy and Izzy

  7. Hey Whitley! We're still crying over Dogster too, but at least we are following each other now.

  8. Whitwey!! I wuz awweady fowwowin' yu here! Fanks fur da pupdate!

  9. Welcome back. It is great here in blogville and just in time for the Valentine party. Yah i hate that hush up stuff and it doesn't do any good for this Scottie, not until she yells do i listen bol. Glad that you can still see

  10. Just popped by to say G'day. So pleased to find you here! My Dad said to tell you that you have VERY good taste. He likes a drop of the old Glenfiddich too. Not too much though,aye?????

  11. Just as long as you can continue to see those rats Whitley!

  12. Hi new friend! So glad that you're back. I had no idea dogster is shutting down.


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