Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Exorcise Tapes

It were a boring day round these parts.  My momma are a big weather wimp, so I didn't gets my walk because it are "too cold."  My momma's idea of too cold are anything below 40 degrees.  And can you believes we lived in Boston for three years??  I think my momma are very happy to be back in Texas away from da cold.  I's happy to because dat rule could mean monthses or yearses or somefin without a walkie!

I thought da weather felt great, but my momma says she do not have a built-in fur coat likes I do.  It are not my fault!  And why do she shave her legs if she wants a built-in fur coat??  Mommas make no sense.  So instead of walkin me, she did a couple exorcise tapes.

Yeah, dat's my reaction to exorcise tapes.  It are pretty boring watchin someone move dere arms and dance rounds like a spasmo trying to exorcise dere demons out.  Da only parts I like are da doing crunches and stuff - I get down on da ground den and try to lick my mommas face.  Sometimes I even roll over and rub my back on da ground like my momma are doing.  It are a lotta fun, I don't know why she don't do it more often.

I's sposed to go to da vet tomorrow for a toothie cleanin, which means NO BREAKFAST!  OMD, da horrors!!  How will I survives???


  1. Yeah, I knows...no breakfast fur me either... durn toothie cleanin'-- and they're gonna punch holes outta me, too!!

  2. Nooooo not the blood stealers. Poor you. Hope it goes well. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh no, both you and Fin gettin the vet torture! Mommy always says it's worse for her when she can't feed me breakyfast.
    Hey, we're the ones with the empty tummies! Gah!

  4. Oh, good luck at the vet's tomorrow. First no breakfast and then the vet, you poor pups! I just watched my momma scarf down a huge piece of lemon meringue pie for breakfast. Now she says we have to go for a long walk!!!! What is this WE momma!?

  5. Oh, my Ma does exercise tapes too. I do not find them very fun except for the yoga...I am pawesome at upward- and downward-dog. I sure hope your teethie cleaning goes well.
    Happy Wednesday,

  6. Good luck with the toothie cleaning. In a couple of days or years or months or something my Mommy is getting an exercise machine thing that she peddles and flaps her arms. Just wait until I start barking about that thing! I can't figure out why she wants to work so hard to go no where. Our Mommies sure are crazy!

  7. Yikeses!! I hope dat yu an' Finwey hab gud wuck at da bet's obbice , Whitwey!! I r goin' back tu da bet dermatowogist nexx week cuz I r geddin' big, itchy spots all ober my cute LWD body! Sumtimes I make dem bweed tu fweak my Momma out '! 'Cept now I r wearin' a polo shirt 24/7. Woe r me :(

    1. We know all bouts dat stuff Hun Bun since Finley got da itchies really bad. Today da vet took some skin biopsies to test dem. Dose itchies are no fun at all. Finley always has to wear clothes so she do not make herself bloody too.

  8. Mr. N will give me puppy eyes and then whine pitifully if I don't walk him so I get no reprieve! He doesn't believe in exercise tapes.

  9. Oh no! You'll be okay. The Vet is pretty nice, usually. I gotta get my teeths cleaned this year too. I'm like totally scared too!


  10. I hope they give you some really nice treats after your teeth are cleaned! I bet they will be as white as your furs!


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