Saturday, October 4, 2014

Angel Jazzi's Taco Day

As y'all know, we's been havin a terrible week round here, finding out dat our sweet Maurice has FIP. So me and Finley wuz not real sure bout participatin in Angel Jazzi's Taco Day.  But we talked to Maurice, and he said he wanted us to go ahead and enjoy our tacos.

Fanks so much to Addi and Jazzi's momma, Diana, for sponsorin Taco Day.  Jazzi wuz a real speshul girl, I luved seein her pretty face.  We all miss her a lot.  She had to leave way too soon, and it just stinks.

Me and Finley got all dressed up for Taco Day.

Finley wuz rockin a sombrero, a Mexican bandana, and her Mexican jacket.

I chose my Fiesta dress and my sombrero.

¡Me gustan los tacos!

See how all out I went?

Out tacos had ground beef and cheddar cheese in em.  I got a corn tortilla and Finley got a flour tortilla on counts of her bein allyergik to corn.

Wait a minute, why are her taco bigger?

Dis are not fair!

We weren't eggsactly neat wif em.

Crockett was interested in da tacos too.  But he didn't get any.

Those tacos sure wuz tasty!

We ate them up!

Now for an update on Maurice, he are doin bout da same as yesterday.  He are obviously feelin kinda puny, but he are not gettin worse and are enjoyin da peeps pettin him.  Keep sendin him lotsa POTP, he really needs it.

Crockett wuz being real sweet and givin him a baff earlier.


  1. I think you misheard. Finley isn't allergic to corn, just corny jokes.

    1. Well, dat would explain why she are always itchin round here. BOL!

  2. OMD!!! We wuff yur pichurs, Whitwey! Yu an' Finwey wook compwetewy 'dorable an' yur tacos wook TASTEE! Whut a mess yu maded! BOL :D So gwad Mauwice r nod feewin' any werser. Heer comes wotza POtP fwum me an' my Momma an' sum swoppy kisses, tu.

    1. Yeah, well, we cleaned up da floor real good too. :)

  3. WOWSA!!! Ya'll look most FABulous in your Fiesta wear! I loves it! And those TACOS looked amazin'!!!!! This is the bestest day EVERS!!!
    Thanks bunches Angel Jazzi for givin' us puppers somethin; to look forward to all years!!
    Maurice, dude, I'm sendin' you tons of POTP! Crockett, you are one sweet kitteh!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Wow, you are the best dressed Taco Day pawticipants fur sure! POTP to Maurice!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Now wasn't Jazzi's Taco Day just great, we could feel her standing next to us as we munched away. Glad Maurice is hanging in there, we sending over some POTP, for him, may have a little taco breath attached, hope thats OK!

    The Mad Scots

  6. Crikey ..... you two sure did Jazzi proud!! You got all dressed up! You know how to party, aye?? Crockett looks a little stunned. Bet Travis was livid he didn't get any.
    Lots of POTP still heading Maurice's way. I LOVE your halloween look. Very scary!!!!!

    1. Yeah, da kitties wuz mad dey didn't get tacos too.

  7. Those tacos were scrumptious!! You two looked....ADORABLE!!!! You always dress so cool!! Thanks for help make jazzis day special


  8. What wonderful Taco Day Oufits!! The acos looked pretty nommy too!!

    We are still sending tons of POTP for Maurice!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. You know, you two could totally when a beauty pageant with your fiesta wear! I love how you always go all out for every occasion. Crockett seems like a good 'kitters' to have around. It looks like Maurice is in good paws. We keep sending up POTP for him and all who take care of him.

  10. Love the Taco themes in the clothes and props.

    And now I am drooling...the peeps here love tacos, but fur now we can't have any on account of their spawcial food issues...they need to stay off of certain foods at least fur awhile..they are trying to lose some unwanted poundage...sigh...

    POTP going out by the truckload...ll fur Maurice.

    1. My momma did dat whole losin poundage thing - mostly she just ate less of what she luvs since she can't stand eating salads and stuff like dat. And exorcised like crazy. I's just glad she didn't make me diet too.

  11. Dere goes Crockett, photo-bombin' agin....

  12. And Kyla, if'n I wuz allergik to corny jokes, well, I'da bin in Anna Falaktik shock a long time ago 'round here!! Bol, bol!!

  13. You look amazing in your outfits, you certainly did taco day big time, yeah !
    Lots of loves to Maurice, it looks like Crockett has got my licky kisses covered, thanks Crockett
    Princess Leah xxx

  14. The two of you look fabulous and your tacos look soooooooooo yummy! We just love your sombreros!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. Love the sombreros and hope you had a happy Taco Day. Have a serene easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. you know how to celebrate a taco day! I love your outfit and my mom want's such a sombrero now too!

  17. you two looked totally adorable all dressed up and it looked like you enjoyed those tacos' Jazzi would be so proud of you. Sending all 8 power of the paw to Maurice

  18. You totally went for it there Whitley and Finley. Great job!

  19. you girls were the best dressed on Taco Day!
    Mr Bailey & Hazel


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