Friday, July 10, 2015

Eight Photos of Happiness!

My cute lil gal pal Dory nominated me for da Eight Photos of Happiness tag.  If ya don't know Dory, well, where has ya been??  Her and her brofurs are pawsome pals and Dory luvs pink and dressin up almost as much as me, BOL!

Here's da guidelines of dis tag . . .

1. Fank your nominator(s) and link dem to da post.
2. Link to da creator of da tag, Ariel's Little Corner of the Internet.  And no momma, dat girl has nuffin to do wif dat mermaid ya has been obsessed wif since ya wuz three.
3. Post your eight photos of happiness.
4. Pop in a brief description of the photo, why ya chose it, or just let da photo do da talkin.  Like I'd let anything or anyone do MY talkin.
5. Spread the happiness and tag up to ten other bloggers!

Anyways, on to da photos . . .

I may not be a native Texan (I wuz born north of da Red River in Oklahoma), but seein da bluebonnets in da springtime makes me a happy girl!

And y'all know I luvs floatin in my pool and playin pool ball.  Dat means I get to be happy most everyday in da summer since me and momma are out playin as long as it ain't stormin.

 I also has fun gettin dirty.  I wuz tryin out bein a Cairn terrierist here.

Gettin new dresses makes me happy.  My momma has already cut out my July dress - now I just need her to get to work on sewin it!

Hangin out wif my BFF Finley makes me happy too.  Dis are an older pic, before Finley got dem nasty allergies.  Can ya tell who are who here?

 Toys makes me happy.  Claimin all da toys around makes me really happy.

And what pup doesn't luv a road trip??  I sure does - I luvs stickin my schnooter right up in da air vent to huff da Texas air, speshully Plano and Austin airs.

Goin for walks makes me happy, speshully when momma stops walkin!!  BOL!  

I are taggin:

1.  Finley
2.  Freckles
3.  Tweedles
4.  Bentley and Pierre
5.  Emma
6.  Earl and Ethel
7.  Charlie
8.  Wyatt
9.  Ruby
10.  Oz

Have a happy weekend!!


  1. Luv yer happy photos, Whitley!!

    And I knows which one is me.... but I ain't tellin'!!!

  2. Love each and every one of those pictures, Whitley! You sure do look happy!

  3. OMD, those are very happy pics Whitley!!! I loves the pool pic and the Cairn Terrier impression the bestest! Though....that pic of you and Finley is pretty pawsome too!
    Okays, I usually can't gets Ma to do awardies and stuffs, butts I am gonna do my bestest to gets her arse in gear on this.....she OWES me one ya know!!!! ☺
    Thanks gurl!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Aww I love that one where you are claiming your toys! Such a fun tag!
    XXOO MaddiethePug and her mommy

  5. I could tell the difference between you and Fin. I had never seen a picture of her before her allergies. You've been fortunate-Westies are allergic to everything it seems.

    1. Dat are Finley - she are allyergik to everything.

      All da different vets I's been to always seem shocked to see an non-allergic westie. I's been lucky - da only skin problems I's ever had is da occayshunal hot spot, which are annoyin, but nuffin like what my BFF has to deal wif.

  6. OMD...We can't stop smiling here, Whitley!! Those are the happiest pictures EVER!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. You sure are a happy pup!!

    Wow, thanks fur the knows when I can corral my dogretary into helping me use the confuser...she can be rather slow with those things, right now she is way bogged down in all the blogs...she may just do the most recent ones. She has all the regular chores, gym, feeding Minko, and since its summer there is a lot of stuff to do outside, way more than clearing snow...BOL!

    1. I know what ya means Freckles, gettin dem secremataries to let ya on can be tuff work!

  8. Great Happy photos Whitley.
    It's not often we see you muddy!
    Toodle pip!

    1. Yeah, momma usually washes me off pretty quick.

  9. that are pawsome photos, I love the one with the bluebonnets and I love the wonderful dress you wear in that photo!
    easy rider

  10. How did we know you'd be smiling from the pool, Whitley! We just love the photo of you and the beautiful bluebonnets!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  11. Those are great happy pics! Thanks for the tag, we will have to work on this. Happy weekend!

  12. those are all wonderful pictures of happy - love those blue bonnets

  13. oMD OMD they are ALL happy making pics... butt the one with the Blue Bonnets is the BESTEST... they are AMAZING an they bring out the high lights in your furs.

  14. Good pics Whitley. We nose what you mean about them walks I thinks sometimes the pawrentals get a little carried away ;)

    1. Yeah, I used to be a go-go-go pup, but I's almost 13 and like some breaks now.

  15. Cool, we'll put up some pics soon! Thanks for the tag! :-D

  16. Thank you for tagging us. We will post our eight photos next week. ♥ Yours are gorgeous!

  17. I love all your happy photos!! Congratulations on the Award,, and thank you for sharing it with me!

  18. Whitley, sorry for the delay...thank you for tagging me in this! I will surely post my photos of Happiness soon! And by the way, you look smashing in all your photos (always) but the one where you are trying to be a Cairn...well, that is just my favorite!

  19. Came over from Earl's blog to see the happiness. :) Wonderful photos.


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