Saturday, January 23, 2016

My January Dress

Well, dis lastest week, me and Finley scored BIG TIME in da clothes department.  We each got two new dresses - Finley's momma made us da Route 66 ones and my momma made dis one.  Yeah, dis year she are makin at least one dress a month for me AND Finley.

I guess da mommas had mint on da brain dis month - maybe it wuz all da Peppermint Icy Creams.  Or mojitos or grasshoppers.  I are not really sure, but mint are a good color on me.

One side of my dress has lil westies on it - and da trim fabric has bones and pawprints!

Dere are even Scottie buttons!!!  I guess #BlackDogsMatter too.  BOL!

Yeah, I's stylin and I knows it!

I got to wear da udder side today.

It are a retro kinda Sputnik print.

Here are da close up . . .

Pretty cool huh??

Yesterday, my momma gots a new sewin ma-sheen.  Finley's momma got it for her since she has ackshually been sewin so much.  And da old one wuz not very good and made momma use a lotta, well, what Blogville calls "HBO Wurdz."  And not, I are not talkin wurdz like West-Or-Roast or Ka-Lee-See.  If ya knows what I mean.  And if ya does knows what I mean, well, ya's probably a big Game of Thrones nerd like me and momma (#TyrionFanForLife - ok, well, Jon Snow are pretty cute and Dany and Arya are badass too, but Tyrion are da bestest character - maybe it are cuz he are short, smart, and pretty badass - kinda reminds me of a terrierist).  Anyways, I digressed a bit there.   Dis are da new ma-sheen.

Ok momma, time to get to work on anudder new dress for me and my BFF!


  1. Your mom and Findley's mom have talent. Lady can't thread a needle.

  2. Wow, that is another beautiful dress! That other machine must have gotten worn out!

    Keep Calm & Sew Dresses,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. That is one of the cutest dresses we have seen. We love the detail

  4. Great dress!!
    And that is a spiffy sewing machine! OMD!

  5. Crikey Whitley ...... you sure rock that mint colour, aye?? You must have a VERY big wardrobe to fit all your clothes in. I can fit my clothes in a plastic bag.

  6. What a beautimous dress Whitley and congrats to your Mama on the great new sewing machine!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Your mom is going to be crankin' out even more dresses for you now, Whitley!

  8. now that is one pretty shade of green - we like that one a lot and the color suits you

  9. Clothes,clothes and more clothes? What's really important in life is food.

  10. We wuv the dresses and nice sewin' ma-sheen!

    Bell Fur Zoo

  11. mom is so talented!! You look beautiful
    Lily & Edward

  12. Oh yes, mint is a good colour for you Whitley.
    But then what colour isn't?

    1. White are not really my bestest color. Cuz it makes me look dingy.

  13. Lookin' gud, Bff... is yer Momma missin da Game of Thrones or sumthin'????

    Watchin' da kitties jostle fur der bacon posishuns makes me think of da warrin' fackshuns on dat!

  14. your dress is my Mom's favorite color!!! Yay for a new machine! DakotasDen

  15. You have the best wardrobe!



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