Friday, January 1, 2016

Yappy 2016!!

Hey y'all!  Yappy 2016!  No comments bout my messy hair, after all it are da day after New Year's Eve, my hair are sposed to look like dis.  At least dat are my eggscuse for today #messyhairdontcare.

I had to wear da New Year's hat last nite.  At least momma didn't blow da noisemakers in my face, like she has before.

And I gots a sip of da bubbly shampains - I got to lick a teensy bit off of my momma's fingers.  And it was da good stuff - Piper HideSick, real Frenchy stuff.  Yummmm.

And da treats didn't end last nite, dis morning da mommas made eggy weggy bennydicts for breakfast and I got to lick up some of da hall-and-daze.  YUM!!!!!

I's wearin anudder Southwestern fleecey today - it are warm and cozy which definitely helped on today's walkies.

It's got kokopelli dudes on it.  Ya can't tell my peeps like da southwestern stuff, can ya??


  1. That's a beautiful fleece to wear out in the cold. I'm glad you enjoyed the champagne. Mom was up at 4 o clock for work yesterday and put in a long day so she and Dad just did pizza and beer. But tonight she made roast beast and potatoes and they had champagne. I didn't get any but I got a piece of unseasoned roast beast, cooked just for me.

    Happy New Year.
    Abby Lab

  2. Love your dress Whitley and we are so glad you got to celebrate with your mom! Happy New Year!!

  3. You have Kokopelli in Texas also? That dude sure gets around, as it were.

  4. What a fantastic New Years you had. I am going to your house next year

  5. Happy New Year to all!

    You sure had a big glass of that bubbly...growlmy just has a wee glass...cause she says it goes right to her head! BOL!

    That is a nice and warm looking fleecy you have on. We are chilly here, too stayed about 29F all day...and snow too, just a dusting thankfurly!

    1. My momma and Finley's momma split da bottle - dey's da only 2 dat drink in da house. Dey make up for everyone else, BOL BOL!

  6. You know we hear that some Dallas ladies would spend lots of $$$ for hair like yours, Whitley!!!

    Love your new fleece!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Sounds like you had a great NYE!
    Happy New Year!

    Tucker and Angel Rayne

  8. You look great to me!Happy New Year,xx Speedy

  9. You are looking beautiful in blue, Whitley! Happy New Year to you and your peeps!

  10. You Obviously started 2016 Off in a Pawfect way!!!

  11. Happy New Year Whitley! We like your party hairdo!

    Wyatt and Tegan

  12. Looks like you had fun on New Year's eve. At least the hat covers up your messy hair. BOL!

  13. you ALWAYS look pawfect!!! Happy Happy 2016!!


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