Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shirley Ya Knows . . .

Hey pals!  Da Mayor doodz Murphy and Stanley (and Shirley ya knows dem, are I right?) are hostin dis blog hop to help us introduce our bloggin pals dat we thought everybody knew but maybe dey don't.  But just whichest Shirley is dey talkin bout?

She are cute, but I don't think she are da right Shirley.

I are not shure she are either.

Ok, ya know I luvs me some Oklahoma, but I are not shure she are da right Shirley either.

And I don't think it are her.

Ok, so I are not shure bout dis Shirley thing (BOL BOL!), but I is shure dey are some bloggers ya SHOULD know, whether ya does or not.

Shirley, ya should know my fellow fashionista Dory and her cutie pie brofurs!  Dey's a pack of four pups and like me, dey is Texas/California pups (ya did know I lived in Lost Angulus for two years, right??)  And dat cutie Bilbo are my Valentine's date, so shirley ya should know dat.  

And shirley ya should know da K girls (and no, I ain't talkin bout da Kardashians).  I's talkin Kismet, Blogville's squawktastic bird blogger and da pups Kaci and Kali.  If ya don't know dem, ya's missin out.  Big time.

And shirley, ya really oughta know Freckles.  He are one of my oldest pals (and I are not sayin dat just cuz he are even older dan me, even though he's got me beat by bout 6 months).   He are my pal from MitchAgain and we's been friends since da Dogster days, way way back in 2009 or 2010, I ain't even shure, we's been pals for so long.  He's a real cutie.  And be shure to check out his kitty brofurs, Pipo and Minko too.

Speakin of Dogster pals, shirley ya should know Charlie too.  He are an Aussie bloke, and ya know how me (and momma) luv dem accents.  And he are always at da beach, dat lucky dog!!

And shirley ya know Bentley and Pierre right??  Momma had bassets growin up, and to dis day dey is one of da only "bigger" pups dat I ackshually get along wif (sorry pals, but dis are #truthtime and I can tends to get a bit crazy at pups bigger dan me.  Cept for bassets.  I luvs dem).  I still miss Sammy, Hanky, and Delilah and I know my momma misses dem too (along wif Maybelline who wuz way before my time).  We wish dere wuz some more basset bloggers, but we is so glad to be friends with Bentley and Pierre - I mean a basset and a westie, what could be better???  Dey is from Loozy-anna and dere momma are a writer, if ya don't know dem, go check em out.

Well, I's gonna stop there, dere are tons more bloggers I knows and luvs, and I could keep going all night, but it are gettin late and I wants my dinner.  So Shirley, whoever ya is, make shure ya get on over dere and check out dese bloggers.

Well, ok, a couple more, but I's keepin it in da family now.  Shirley, of course ya know my BFF and sisfur (or are it aunt, it are so confuserating) Finley, right??

And my trio of kitty besties and siblings, Travis, Crockett, and Angelique??

If ya don't know my whole family, well, what are ya waitin for??

Ok, I's really gettin hungry now, so I's off to go get my chikken now.  Aroooo!


  1. Yay I follow most of these!! I love meeting new bloggers!!

  2. I think I know most of your 'entries' and the ones I don't know too well, I have visited by way of Chester and Joey at The Daily Bone.
    Thanks fur showing off my ancient self...BOL!
    We met in December of 2009...sheesh that was ages and ages ago, almost half my life as I was seven then.

    And...I Shirley know its not the Shirley from growlmy's work,BOL!!

  3. We don't know many of these bloggers and our old-as-dirt mom doesn't know who the last Shirley is. We have homework to do, Whitley!

    1. Well, dere's always da chance to learn somefin new, BOL!

  4. we will be off to check out one of those we didn't know about - thanks for sharing :)

  5. We are like Mitch and Molly...many of those we will have to go check up on!

  6. I know a lot of them and I totally love Kismet... she is a very wise parrot-lady... no wonder, Kismet is Kylas parrot, right?

  7. BOL Whitley...we do loves some Shirley Temple over here! We know that Shirley! I know lots of those bloggers and we even follow your family on the Instagram! Have a great Friday!

  8. We absolutely LOVE how you did your post!!! Thankfully we know virtually EVERYONE on your list (well maybe except one)

  9. Hey Whitley!
    Wow, great group of Shirleys! My Mom now has the Oklahoma theme song stuck in her head. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  10. OMD girrrrrl you have like 87 Shirleys here... we know most of those furends of yours... butt need to check out the rest... THANKS fur puttin this up...

    PEES.... we LOVE Oklahoma .... Mom and Sarge's Mom have seen it ON STAGE... with a REAL LIVE HORSE up there...

  11. Well done Whitley! You gave a shout out to some of our very same furends!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. Great shout outs Whitley! We a familiar with most of these
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

  13. Awwww, they're all very pretty, you of course included!!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  14. whitley...thanx for introducin uz ta sum new blogs !!!! way kewl shout outz ya gived ta everee one...N we feel old long go waz it.... we waz all at catster///dogster ~~~~ ☺☺☺

    heerz two a bicolor goat fish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. Yup, it wuz a LONG time ago, BOL!

      Hope ya have a shrimptastic Saturday!

  15. Thanks for the shout out GF! What a great group of furiends!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  16. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Wow, you sure have some pawesome friends and family! I can't wait to visit them all!

  17. Aww, thank you so much! Shirley you know how much we appreciate it and love you, Finley, da cats and your humans. ♥

  18. OMD, what a bunch of good lookin' furry furiends!!!! I thinks I got check out a couple of them, I don't knows! Hey, do you thinks they would like margaritas??? ☺
    Ruby ♥

  19. Chikken????? As the ads say, "EET MOR BEAF".

  20. You furgot to post the Lavern and Shirley picture. Mommy loved that tv show.

    1. Well, shirley I couldn't include all da Shirleys.


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