Friday, July 22, 2016

Playtime and Pressies!

Playtime and pressies!  Dat wuz what today wuz all bout for me and Brinley.

Oh and barkin.  Which are THIRSTY work.

Today we modeled da udder side of our puppy dresses - I fink me and Brinley are real naturals for da camera.

I mean, look at dat face of my cutie BFF.

Modelin are tuff work, sometimes ya gotta nap durin da photo shoots.

At least we got some treats for all our hard work!

I really wanted dat treat my momma wuz holdin - I LUVS to eat and I did finally get it.

 After a few bazillion pickshures wuz taken.

Yeah, I luvs my momma, but she are a bit camera-obsessed.

Den it wuz morning play time!  And boy did we play!!

We played tug wif da hot dog.

Den we wuz all bout da waddymelon.

Den it wuz time for some sink-ro-nized chewin!

Brinley got after dat waddymelon!

Den da doorbell rang and we barked up a storm!

It wuz a present for us - all da way from our birth state of Oh-high-oh!!

We had to investigate before my momma helped us open it.

Our pals Darby and Caleigh sent us some pressies and dis very nice letter!

Sharin wif Finley won't be a problem - we luvs playin wif her and climbin all over her!

I had to check out all dem pressies - WOW!  5 different kindsa treats and three toys!!

Brinley investigated too!

And we is already playin wif our new toys - fanks so much Darby and Caleigh!!

Looks like we are set for da weekend!!


  1. Crikey ..... you climb all over Finley???? I'd sure like to see some photos of that!!

  2. It is impossible NOT to take pictures of someone as cute as the two of you! OMD! You are giving me a major case of PUPPY FEVER!

  3. Cute alert!!!! so so cute, how does your momma's tell you two apart?
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    1. I's fluffier, bigger, and my ears aren't up all da way yet. Brinley has a more wiry coat, is a little smaller, has a shorter tail, and her ears are up.

  4. what a super day! and how great that the postman brought so much cool gifts... think that's a reason to wait before you eat him :o)

  5. How very thoughtful. Your girls are so adorable!

  6. Hari OM
    That was an extra-special delivery fur sure!!! As for the flashy beast obsession your mum has? Tax for as many treats as you can gal-dogs!!! Hugs and wags, YMA-aunty xxx

    1. Yup, dat are what Finley said - make her pay us in treats!

  7. Hi, cuties! Could you email me ( is my email address) your house address? I have something I want to send you two.

  8. Oh you two are just too cute.. You are so lucky to get into such a good home. Better watch out for the kitty cats though. Sounds like they may have already started training you. Sounds like a busy house now.

  9. oh my you are both soooooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!! Soooo happy to see you! Did you know my Mom is originally from Ohio? She lived there 35 years!! What part of Ohio did you come from? My Mom is in love with you already! Barks and licks and love, Dakota DakotasDen

  10. OMCs/OMDs the cute meter just flew off the chart.
    I'm happy to see you are learning all about fashion too.
    Whitley is smiling down for sure
    Hugs madi your bfff

  11. WOW! You hit the Mother Lode of pressies! We think you are great models. Now see how fast you can de-stuff those toys!

  12. You two sure got a great pressie package. Both of you are doing great on your modeling too.

  13. OMD!!!! You two are just too STINKIN' CUTE!!!! I don't knows why, butts stupid Blogger won't lets me add you to my blog roll, so I missed lots of your posties!!! I'll be sure to try and check in everyday til I can figure outs how to fix it! pfffft blogger!
    Anyhu, that is one PAWSOME pressie package!!! And tells your Moms to keep those adorable videos comin'!!! They makes me BOL!!!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Fanks! I should already be in your reader if ya wuz following Whitley. But my momma says - wif blogger, who knows??

  14. OMD look at all those pressies!! Ya'll are two lucky puppies!!! Oh and Finley toos ;)

    Matt & Matilda

  15. What a nice welcome package you got!You sure had fun woth it too! Yup,puppies, you sure do love to play hard:)


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