Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Furst Dress!

Hey y'all!  See, I are gettin dis Texan stuff down, I are already sayin y'all, BOL!  I gots a pressies from my momma yesterday - and my sisfurs Brinley and Finley got matchin ones!  I gots my very furst puppy dress!

I says I looks pretty cute if I does say so myself.

And Brinley looks cute as can be in hers.

We both really like da crabby beds da mommas put in da kitchen.

And even though there are two of em, we prefurs snugglin together in one a lotta da time.

See, we's already for our photoshoot Anna Winter!  BOL BOL!

Brinley discovered how to whine and howl at nite.  Not me, I's still da perfect pup and hasn't made a peep at nite.  Not dat I don't know how to have fun.  One of my favorite things are standin in my water bowl and pawin all da water out all over da place so it floods da kitchen.  I has done it twice so far.  Momma tried to get a movie today, but I stopped and ran towards her when I saw da camera.  Momma says she has got anudder water-lovin westie on her paws and dat she did good by makin my middle name Arielle.

Me and Brinley luvs playin together!

We have lotsa fun together!

Da udder thing I luv are EATING!  YUM YUM!

I has da frog dog pose down perfect!

Brinley wuz gettin ready for a nap - ain't my BFF cute??

And I luv givin my fluffy polar bear face.  It are pretty cute too huh??

Here are I are takin over da computer - it are time to write my blog NOW!

When you is dis cute, ya can gets to take over da computer whenever ya wants!


  1. Soooo CUTE! Welcome to Texas! Thank goodness I got the Finley blog and Instagram because I haven't gotten your blog yet. Love your sweet little face. I am so looking forward to seeing you and your adventures! Xoxo Vicki and Tulip

  2. OMD! Take over the computer! Take over the house! Take over the country! Take over the world! You know you both can with all that adorableness all over the place :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  3. Crikey Kinley .., you got everything sussed pretty good, aye? You got the lingoe goin' an all. AND you love water!!!! Oh my ... You sure found the right home, aye?

  4. What a ton of fun going on at your den! And its all puppy fun too:)

    Those dresses are sweet on you!

  5. y'all are like two peas in a pod on your crabby bed.
    your first dresses are adorable but not as adorable as you!
    wags, bailey unleashed

  6. my goodness - don't know how to handle all this cuteness
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    1. Just go awwww a lot, dat are what my momma does.

  7. You are just about the cutest thing ever, Kinley!

  8. OMD....Looks like you are having a blast!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. that is 100% cuteness... the dresses are a dream! and I bet to look at you brings a smile to all peeps... even to Anna... what would be a miracle...LOL

  10. Hari oM
    OMD K&B, you are just ADOOOORAABLEs in your purty pink frocks!!! You are learning heaps as you settle in, I see. Keep up the good work &*> Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  11. You look adorable in your new dress, Kinley. We love your tiny froggie doggie posin'!

  12. Pretty soon you will learn how to blow bubbles in your water bowl. That is lots of fun! Your momma made some purdy dresses!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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