Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Selfies

Hey pals!

We has had a BIZEE weekend!

After da delishus TURKEY feast on Thursday, we just all kinda relaxed and watched da football on Friday.  Oh yeah, and we ate some more turkey too.

Momma kept talkin bout a Burd Day and me and Brinley wuz confuserated.  

Wuzn't Burd Day when we ate all da turkey???

Butt it turned out my momma wuz talkin bout her BURFDAY, not a Burd Day.  She turned 30 - OMG, she are super duper old.  Dat are like a million in pup years.

But she still looks pretty young, I'd be worried she are some kinda vampire or somefin cept she are obsessed wif lyin in da suns.

She had a yummy brekkyfast of crabbycakes eggs benedict and grapefruit mimosas and didn't share wif me at all!!!  Meanie!!

And she gots all kindsa presents, but dey mostly looked boring too me - no squeaky toys or nuffin.  Ok, dose chocolates looked interestin, but she says I can't share those.

But I did get to share some birfday snuggles.

She had more crab and more sham-pain for dinner - luckily da a few pieces of crab hit da floor when da peeps wuz gettin it open and I managed to snag a lil.

She had a chocolate cake, so I didn't get none of dat either.  Ok, maybe some a lil of da buttercream frostin hit da floor and well, some pup had to be da vacuum.

And yeah, I are dat pup.  BOL!

Today me and Brinley got trims!

We is lookin cute!

And look, I are back to lookin like a westie girl again.  Momma says she are jealous of how fast my hair grows, BOL BOL!


  1. We hope your mom had a fun-tastic birthday! I vaguely remember being 30! Bahahaha!

  2. You are definitely super duper cute!!! Our Mama can't stop squee-ing over that cake. Her barkday is in a little over a week and now SHE wants a mermaid cake!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. Stop with the selfies. Take togetheries.

  4. Huppy Burfday Kinley-Mom! And many more to come...CHEERS!


    1. How about all you in one beautiful picture?
      I'm thinking you guys don't get along.

    2. Don't get along?? BOL, I get upset when I'm away from Brinley for 5 minutes. But we'll take a group photo just for ya.

  5. Hari om
    Well you did slightly better than the kittehs on the crab and cake if seems... favouritism??? Oh yes I can see that trim without specktackles, so if must be serious this time! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Happy Happy Belated Birthday to your Mama!! Ohhhh to be 30 again!!!!!! xoxo DakotasDen

  7. Wow! What a busy, fun weekend! Happy birthday Mama!

  8. That was a busy weekend! We think you should have had some of that crab....but hey, otherwise sounded like lots of fun. Happy Birthday to your Mama!

  9. Look at that adorable little nose
    Lily & Edward

  10. Hi Kinley, please tell your Mom Happy Birthday!
    Oh no, but now you've got Gail all started about how she celebrated her 30th birthday over Thanksgiving weekend in Hollister, Missouri. But that was in 1988...
    Toodle pip!

  11. Happy Birthday to your mom. We're glad to see that you got a few tastes of some of her treats. You sure are looking great after your spa session.

  12. Good job vacuuming the icing. Happy Bday to your peep.

  13. Happy Birthday to your mom. My mom is way's amazing she can even function at her age!

    1. Yeah, I are AMAZED at how good my momma duz. BOL!

  14. OMD!! Petcretary is way more than twice that age...she wasn't even married yet when she was at the 30mile marker, BOL! She didn't have any furbabies either...and she still was living in the Great White North:)

    Happy Belated Birthday to your Momma!

    What a feast after the other feast, MMMMM!

    You pups sure scored better than your kitty furblings...while they said your Momma didn't share, at least you got to do clean up patrol!
    I almost scored some turkey that way...two drumsticks, and two wings slid off the platter when petcretary was getting it ready to serve...but she did *not* allow me any of that...I had to settle for a tidbit of white meat...sigh...

    1. Too bad ya didn't get everything dat hit da floor!

  15. That cake looks sensational. Simply gorgeous!!!! Happy Sunday Selfie!


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