Thursday, September 6, 2018

Grandpa's Birthday!

Today it wuz my grandpa's birthday! 

So me and Brinley wore our birfday dresses.

And yeah, we had soggy paws cuz parently September are also now Monsoon Season.

We had to suffer through a baff today too. YUCK!

But we live to play in mud anudder day.

Anyways, he had a pretty good birfday. Even if he got borin presents like movies (Brinley LOVES to watch TV, but I mostly don't care). I think he shoulda gotten tennis balls.

And he definitely shoulda shared his cake wif ME.


Momma says it wuz not for me since it wuz a German Sweet Chocolate Cake. Which are not German which are very confuseratin - I wuz ready to attack it since as ya pups might know, I are part Polish and dem Germans kinda like to invade, but I are digressin since da chocolate wuz to blame and not da German or non-Germanness (Germanity?) of da cake. Anyways, da recipe are gonna be up on momma's recipe blog soon, but it are not for pups, so really, who cares??

I guess peeps who don't wanna share wif da pups care.

At least I got some cuddles.


  1. oooh the cake is super fabulous... and your dress too!!! Happy Birthday to your grampy!!!

  2. Happy birthday to your grandpa. Looks like a nice time you all had.

  3. Hey, Happy Birthday to your Grandpa. Y'all are looking good, but we think you should have had dresses to match his cool shirt.
    Toodle pip!

  4. Momma says the chocolate they use in the cake was invented by a guy named German. I think it's confusing, and who cares anyway since we can't have it? But happy birthday to your grandpa!

  5. Your grandpa looks very happy. Too bad you didn't get any cake. Next time make sure they bake one that is pup friendly too.

    1. Well, Ally's birthday is next and she wants chocolate too. :(

  6. I can't believe you let him on your blog. He's not modeling a dress.

  7. Happy birthday to your Grandpa! That is one of my favorite cakes and my birthday is in March...just sayin' LOL!

  8. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa! Mom says that German Chocolate cake is the bestest!

  9. First of all, Happy Birthday to your Grandpa! And secondly, SHE hasn't seen one of those German Chocolate cakes in AGES. It looks fantastic! We hope a bit of ice cream came your way!

  10. Happy birthday Grandpa. He is a very handsome man.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday to your Grandpa, Pups!

    He sure looks wonderful, I am so glad that he looks well and happy.
    Maybe your Momma could make a mini cake using carob instead of chocolate. Pups *can* have that!


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