Monday, September 24, 2018

Happy Birthday Aunt Allison!

Today it wuz my Aunt Allison's birthday!


Allison are my momma's sister. And da "momma" of Angelique in case ya is confuserated.

I LUVS her and give her a kissy attack at least once a day. Momma says it are my daily assault. Not shure what salt has to do wif it.

Anyways, birthdays mean tasty noms here!

We all got some STEAK - yum!

And I licked my momma's piece of birthday cake - Brinley's momma shouldn't have left it too close to da edge of da table!  

But all I got wuz a lick, momma are not too good (or sanitary) to eat after a dog. Unfortunately.

Anyways, I think my Aunt Allison had a good birthday. After all, she got a whole piece of cake, not just a lick.

Happy birthday Ally!


  1. Happy Birthday to your fabulous aunt! we love the cake, it is an artpiece !!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Auntie Allison! Her cake looks so pretty and soooooo yummy!

    1. I tried to tell her she needed a westie on it, but she didn't listen.

  3. Happy Birthday to Auntie Allison. Both she and the cake are looking awesome!
    Toodle pip!

  4. It's OK. Dogs' mouths are cleaner than peeps' mouths.

  5. Happy birthday Auntie Allison! I bet the cake was extra yummy. (Oh, and I think I might score some steak today too, if it stops raining long enough for dad to go out and grill it.)


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