Thursday, November 14, 2019

Grandma's Birthday!

Yesterday it wuz my grandma's birthday!

And we wuz wifout internet or TV for most of da day (AND for most of Tuesday)!

Brinley didn't know what to do wif herself - there wuz no TV to bark!

So it wuz up to us pups to make her birthday speshul.

We all made shure to give her birthday kisses.

Momma made shure we smelled good by giving us BAFFS on Tuesday (I are so glad da TV are back to distract her!)

I think she had a pretty good birthday.

Even if she didn't get squeaky toys. 

My momma made her a birthday cake - it are bunnies digging in the garden! Hmm, I think it needs some westies chasin those bunnies . . . 

Music and jewelry and purses and clothes are good and all, but it are not tennis balls.

Dey went out to eat - which kinda stunk since we couldn't beg for food.

I snoopervised da cake making - I wuz constantly underfoot in the kitchen. And it looks like my snoopervishun paid off, since da cake turned out so well.

Today the weather wuz a lil better, so it wuz back to a bike ride and a walk! 

And we's all glad da TV are back - now Brinley can bark Grey's Anatomy!!


  1. Happy birthday to your Gram! Kisses are a great gift. Sorry you didn't have cable. If that happened to us we would just curl up in a ball

  2. Gee whiz, I simply cannot imagine what Dad would do if he suddenly had no TV and no internet at the same time. Glad you all survived! And happy birthday to your grandma!

  3. Sorry abouts the no teevees and interwebs, butts looks like you gurls made your Gma's Burthday a FABulous one!!!! What a beautiful cake! The bunny-butts are soooo cute!!!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Hi Kinley, Happy Birthday to your Grandma, and please tell your Momma that her cake baking (and decorating) skills are awesome! And we'll sure she'll manage to fit some Westies on there next time...
    Toodle pip!

  5. what a super cake... and how beautiful your grandma and your mom look together. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your grandma! What a pretty cake!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Grandma. That sure is a great looking cake. We would love to chase those bunnies too.


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