Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday Selfies

Happy Sunday pals!

We had a pretty good weekend - da weather wuz ackshually pretty good for November, so we our patrols in. Lotsa skwerrils to bark at!

Now we're getting ready for some football! Go Cowboys!

And maybe some SNACKS???

It never hurts to ask.

And this one isn't a selfie, but we know a lotta pals like our pics together. Da funny thing is we LUV taking em together - momma duzn't have to work to get us to pose together becuz we's best friends and luv to get right up next to each other.

Now, where are da snacks??


  1. After seeing your Cowboys outfits I bet a bunch of the 'Boys

  2. Go Cowboys-and take the Rangers with you.

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  4. Now that we know you two like being next to each other, the side by side photos are even lovelier!
    Although pretending you don't might be a more effective strategy for getting treats...
    Toodle pip!

  5. Awww BFF's and wonderful selfies. Now, I feel an underlying trend developing here. Hmmm, not football, or walkies. . . . SNACKS! You all deserve as many as you can get your paws on for such devotion to chasing squirrels and helping the Cowboys ;)
    Have a great week.

  6. we hope your team won and you got lots of snacks...

  7. I got snacks this weekend and I hope you girls did too!

  8. Sorry about ruining your Sunday, but we are thrilled our Vikes managed to beat you guys last night. We didn't think it would be possible.

  9. You girls are all looking great in your selfies.


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