Monday, November 11, 2019

Music Monday

Hi y'all! It's Music Monday and the theme this week are Native American music since it are Native American Heritage month.

Pawsome theme CK! Native Americans have been treated wrong - our government has broken promises OVER and OVER and continues to do so after trying to exterminate their culture and stealing their homeland and lives. Da mommas has always been interested in and appreciated native culture - there's native artwork in our home and da mommas all have a big collection of Native American jewelry (mainly Navajo, but also some Hopi and Zuni). My grandpa are from Arizona and one of the best parts about going to Arizona for my momma wuz going to the trading posts. She made a lotta trips through the Navajo Nation wif Angel Whitley when she went to UCLA. 

So with that said, here's some tunes by/inspired by Native Americans.

R. Carlos Nakai is a talented Navajo/Ute flutist. His songs are beautiful.

Redbone's "We Were All At Wounded Knee." Ya might know Redbone for their big hit "Come and Get Your Love." Here's a protest song by them.

We can't forget about Native Hawaiians when we're talking about Native Americans. Here's Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's monster hit mashup of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World. Momma LUVS his voice and plays his album a lot.

Cherokee Maiden performed by Asleep at the Wheel. Momma used to sing this song to Angel Whitley since her breeder was a Cherokee lady from Oklahoma.

We're ending with Johnny Cash's The Ballad of Ira Hayes. Yeah, Travis shared it over at Lone Star Cats too. But its da prefect song for this theme on Veterans Day - our veterans and our native Americans both deserve more than they get. 


  1. Thank you for remembering our original citizens on the Veteran's Day

  2. Those are great songs! We rock but also love the flute music. And yeah, it is appropriate to honor Native Americans today. Thanks for joining in today.

  3. My little Westie furriends,

    Thanks for joining me on the dance floor. I love Indian flute mewsic! It's so pretty. A handful of years ago when DH was out of work, we were visiting Cumberland Falls near the TN/KY state line when I heard the enchanting sound of a flute being played by an Indian fella. I didn't talk to him but enjoyed the mewsic that filled the air as I took pictures. Later, I found him on FB and we've been friends since that time. I don't know him real well but I do catch his feeds from time to time and he frequents the falls to play his flute.

    Drats, I should've thought about Hawaiians and Alaskan Indians in my line up but failed to do just that. I'm glad you included IZ in your lineup. Too bad his life was cut short. He had such a beautiful voice and I love his 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ What a Wonderful World' song.

    Like your kitty siblings, you pups shared some new2me songs for which I'm happy for the introduction and as always thanks for the nod to our veterans. Have a boogietastic week, my furriends!

  4. Our area is huge in Native American stuff, especially the names of places, lakes and rivers. It is all quite interesting.

  5. Now I've seen everything. A Cowboys fan honoring the Redskins.

  6. Good songs! The one by IZ is one of our favorites.

  7. Thankyou for the opportunity to enjoy Israel Kamakawiwo'ole once again - such a pure voice and so sad that he passed away at such a young age. Enjoyed Redbone, and Johnny Cash. This was such a great topic; I learned a lot both researching my own post and listening to the other offerings.


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