Friday, July 9, 2021

Fashion Friday


Hi pals.

Well, Finley are still having a tuff time. She's finally settled down for the night, but she was yelping and screaming for like 30 minutes, even after eating and going out to do her bizness.

She did get some BBQ tonite, which she seemed to enjoy. I guess a foodaholic terrier girl never loses her appetite. She used to luv to snoopervise when grandma BBQed.  

Brinley shared a quick kiss wif Bowie today. Dog, cat, who cares? LOVE IS LOVE, BOL.

We got to wear the other side of our watermelon dress today.

Maybe we need to try some watermelon?? 

But we aren't gonna complain as long as we get BBQ!

Here's a close up. 


  1. Its so sad to know how much Finley hurts all over:(
    So sorry; its got to be awful to hear and see it...
    I wish love could heal all that...and in a way it will...sigh...
    Hugs to her and all of you. ♥

    Those watermelon dresses are great for summer time! Yum, juicy cold watermelon!

    1. Yeah, we wish we could make her feel better. At least she still likes to eat, so she is going to get a very nice last dinner.

  2. We're sorry to hear Finley isn't doing well at all. You both look so cute in your watermelon dresses.

  3. Poor Finley Rose! So sad to hear she’s suffering!

    1. It's really sad, she doesn't even want to sit with anyone or really get any pets.


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