Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sunday Selfies


So things are still pretty sad around here.

We're missing our big sister.

It just feels kinda weird and quiet around here, but me and Brinley are doing our best to bark a lot.

Just show her some windshield wipers on TV, BOL.

Well, today we are showing off the other side of our new dress.

It's fruitastic!

Here's a closeup.

Good thing we get paid in cookies and not fruit, BOL!

Have a good week pals!


  1. We know you will still be feeling sad, but those are very pretty dresses (although cookies would be even better!)

  2. We're sorry you all are so sad but we totally understand why. You look so cute in your new dresses.

  3. It takes a long time to get over losing a cherished doggie. We never forget our angels.

    Oh, and we love those fruiti-tutti dresses!

  4. You gals sure are stylish! You just need a Carmine Miranda hat to go with the dresses!!!
    PS - I hope you read Small Tales blog about Finley.

  5. My mom and I haven't visited any bloggies for a while and just learnt about the passing of sweet Finley. We're very sorry....sending you our big hugs.

    Pinot and mom

  6. I am sendin' lots and lots of AireZens your way my furiends! Gives your peeps lots of slobbery kisses from me....and if you needs some slobber, just drink some margaritas...BOL!!
    Ruby ♥


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