Thursday, July 29, 2021

Finley's Last Will and Test-a-Mint


Well pals, it has been a busy few days around our casa.

Da endless packing up of stuff continues. It are weird and we duz NOT like it. I don't know WHAT are going on.

But da mommas still found time to fit in a grooming session and a bath for us! Not that you can tell by these pics since they are pre-groom, BOL.

Anyways, today wuz da day dey brought Finley's ashes home. She are going to go into the garden wif Whitley, so it will now be Whitley and Finley's Memorial Garden. And while we wuz snuffing around da toy basket, we found a piece of paper all tied up.

It wuz Finley's last will and test-a-mint.

Here are a transcript in case ya is havin a tuff time reading it:



I, Finley Rose Harris, being of sound mind (don’t pay no nevfur mind to those de-mint-sha rumors) and unfit body (thanks fur nuthin’ Arthur itis) do hereby give, devise, and bequeath my worldly goods and duties in da followin’ manner…..


All my toys I leaves to Brinley Evangeline harris ‘ceptin’ fur my rainbow lamb chop which I leaves to Kinley Arielle harris to remember me by (ya can think of all da looks I gave ya dat I would send ya ovfur da rainbow if ya evfun thought about tryin’ to eat my fuds). ‘Fore ya gits to complainin’, Kinley, ya got all of whitley’s toys and you nevfur enfun met her and I always wanted all her toys….. we both wanted each udder’s toys and had a few kerfluffles ovfur dat fact. So, it’s only fair dat Brinley gits mine. She also gits my clothes—agin, Kinley, ya gots whit’s.  Each of ya gits a blanket…. Brinley gits da blue one, Kinley da purple.


Now we gits to the most important part of dis here doc-u-mint. Who takes ovfur as Head of Ranch Security in my absence? And I just got word dat we is gonna need 2 Heads of Ranch Security—one fur headquarters here in Plano, and anudder fur da new divishun in west Texas—Lubbock to be precise. I gave dis a lotta thought. What’s a pup to do when the pickins is slim and I aint talkin’ ‘bout da actor Slim Pickens…. But ya gotta deal wiff da cards you’re dealt evfun when da deck is full of jokers and short on aces.


Furst, I names Brinley da Head of Ranch Security here at HQ. Angie likes to hit the nip too much and den wander round yowlin…. Bowie literally goes plum loco and bounces offa da walls on a regular basis. Dey both lacks da necessary gravitas. I has my resurvashuns, though, cuz Brinley needs to pull her head outta da tv and attend to her duties. Da tv is not a threat and neither is windshield wipers on da tv. Bark at da coyotes and zombies outside of da house and leave yer programs long enuff to break up da kitty squabbles and ya should mature into da job…. I hopes.     


Now, as to Head of Ranch Security, West Texas Branch, dere is only one choice and dat is Travis Ford Harris. Wiff a name like dat ya knows he wuz born fur da job. Plus dere wuz no way on God’s green earth I wuz gonna leave such serious duties in da paws of a fluffbrain who had more fur dan brains. Ya is sweet, Kinley, but sweet isn’t whut’s necessary fur da job.  Besides, you and Bowie is da 2 main perpetrators of mayhem and mischief round here and do the most frequent stints in da hoosegow cuz of dat fact. How would it look to name a jailbird to be in charge of security?? Dat just wouldn’t be right. So Travis Ford it is. Besides, he likes wearin’ da sheriff hat and duz it well.


Well, dat’s all I gots to say. Guess y’all gits to eat right away now, no more waitin’ on yer elders to finish furst, hehehe. If ya is reading this, I has already headed fur my last roundup and rode off into da sunset.  I’s happy eatin’ steak and bacon, playin’ pool ball wiff Whitley, and snugglin’ wiff Jezebel. 


Bark ya later, gators……..

Brinley gets to be Head of Security???? And Travis??? A CAT????????

And I are a fluffbrain who has more fur dan brains??? WHAT DA WOOF? And she picked a CAT to be da boss?? And wait a minute, what are she talkin bout a West Texas branch?? 

What are you snikkerin bout Brinley and saying da maybe she wuz right on da furs to brains ratio?? 

Oh well, guess I are off to eat dinner wifout waiting for any old dog. And at least I gots a lamby and a blanket.  


  1. Hari OM
    Brinley was a wize dawg... trust the wizened, Kinley dear... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. we love her decisions... a will made by a terrier and for terrier...and for a cat ...

  3. Well Finley certainly made sure she continues to make her mark. I can't believe she called you a 'fluffbrain' Kinley! (Well I can actually.) Gail and I are looking forward to seeing how things go in West Texas under Travis's regime...
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail wants to know if Slim Pickens is related to T. Boone Pickens?

  4. We think Finley did a good job with her will. You all should abide by her decisions and feel good about the legacy she left you all with. We are anxiously awaiting to hear more about the West Texas branch.

  5. Finley, we love you will and your did a great job dividing up the duties. We know you will always be watching over your family with a loving eye. I know your pack has the strength to carry on.

  6. Oh. My. Dogness.

    That will has you all in a fluff, Kinley!!
    Sheesh, MJF never left a will here...Pipo forgot to do one, too...

    Enjoy your 'bequeathment(s)'...and woof at those boxes for us. We woofed at a huge box that was dumped in our yard this morning...a shed to be...when we can corral the unfurbros to help put it together...

    Enjoy the new roles...and will there now be new rules??

  7. AW that was so nice of Finley to leave a test-a-mint. I struggle with what to do with some of my dogs things, especially the ones with their names on them. How do I pass them on? Hugs to you all!

  8. finley; we troo lee hope noe one contestz thiz last will happenz ya noe; benny fishee arry thinkz thiz and de next oh kin thinkz that & de lawyerz want ther cut and sew on ~~~
    ;) ♥♥♥

  9. So sorry to hear about Finley. She can run free now, but I'm sure you all miss her terribly. It would be hard to be moving at the same time too. GBGV hugs to you all.


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