Saturday, January 14, 2023

Dress Up Your Pet Day

Hey pals! It are Dress Up Your Pet Day - or as my momma calls it, everyday.

Well, me and momma and Travis is back in Lubbock. I has been tryin to sniff everywhere - there's been a lotta dogs peein in dat month I wuz gone! I's been getting to go on walks, but I miss my BFF.

There she are! Well, she's not dressed up, but this photo's not from today, BOL!


  1. Hope your next visit to your BFF will be soon! That is a pretty dress, Kinley!
    Brinley was naked?? BOL!!

  2. You are always the best dressed pup in all of Blogville, Kinley.

  3. We are grateful our Lady forgot about this day as she tries to dress us up enough! We know you miss your BFF but we hope you can have some fun where you are. Lee and Phod

    1. I am. I got in a walk today and some snuggle time wif my momma while she read.

  4. You and your sister, and kitties are always the most fashionable pets we know!


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