Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Snow Day!

So momma had a snow day today. She didn't hafta go to dat work thing cuz we gots five inches of snow!

And I got to play in it some!! I LUV SNOW!


  1. Hey, this is so not fair. You are at 33.6 degrees N and have snow. We are at 57.1 degrees N and have none!

  2. The snow started falling here this morning, and is coming down heavily right now. The snow plows have been by a couple times already. Hope you and your family stay warm.

    1. Fanks. We don't has snow plows here, so we just stayed home.

  3. We're getting snow here today too and can't wait to play in it.

  4. We had a big dump of snow here too...and more is in the forecast. Looks like you had fun out there in the snow!

    We did our fair share of making all kinds of tracks in our yard...and Benji comes inside lookig like a snowball! Snow just falls off of Dalton, BOL!!

    DId any of those storms cause troubles back in Plano?? Hope your furmily there is safe.


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