Friday, October 7, 2016

Back from the Road Trip!

Hey y'all!  We're back from our furstest ever ROAD TRIP!

Us, Finley, and da mommas got all packed up in a big Minnie Van and hit da road.  We went to Kerrville - da mommas had to clean out my momma's grandparents' house.  Dey has moved into an senior communitee up here in Plano.

Da grandparents had a BIG backyard, so we had a lotta fun runnin round and playin!

Brinley are takin a lil break from playin here!

I guess she liked da taste of dat hill country air.

Anyways, us puppers had fun, da mommas not so much really.  Dey wuz workin everyday - apparently my momma's grandma had a case of da Oh-See-Dee (whatefur dat are) and saved every single piece of paper dat came into dat house (lotsa bank statements, and informayshun wif soshul securitee numbers and medical informayshuns on it).  So it wuz shred shred shred.

I don't know why dey insisted on usin dat shredder and wouldn't lemme and Brinley help.  We volunteered!

Da mommas wuz happy to have us wif em - dey said we made all dat hard work bearable wif our cuteness.

And we had a lotta fun runnin round in da backyard.

On Saturday we both got all dressed up for da UT game.

Brinley wuz lookin real cute.

Well, our dresses didn't really help da football team too much, BOL BOL!

Oh well, we win any cuteness contest, right??

Maybe dem Longhorns need us on da team, I are pretty good at tacklin Brinley!  BOL BOL!

Anyways, dere wuz a grand total of 39 constructor grade 42-gallon garbage bags waitin for da garbage guys on large item pick up day!

My momma took all those garbage bags down da hill!

Da garbage men had to have a whole meetin bout what to do - it did all evenshually get hauled away!!


So after doin all of dis, my momma has a few tips she wants to share.

1.  Don't be a hoarder!
2.  If you're really old, throw away your sex toys and nudie pics.  Udderwise your kid and grandkid cleanin out your house will see dem and laff.  And what are seen cannot be unseen.
3.  Don't be OCD and keep records of grandchild favoritism.  Ya never know which grandkid will be shreddin your bank statements and printed out checks for ya
4.  Homebrew vinegar solushuns do not clean soap scum.  Please, use somefin dat works.

Yeah, as ya can tell, a real fun week for da mommas.

Ha ha ha!

Anyways, at least WE had fun!

We luved gettin to really run!

We had a real good time!

And Brinley luved rollin round on dat grass!

My momma are so glad she's got us cutie pies - some people in her extended "family" has been pretty terribull to her.  Callin her a liar and an anorexic spray-tanned gremlin (by da way, my momma's tan are ALL NATURAL, BOL BOL!).  Sometimes da best family are da family ya choose - whether dat be peeple friends or puppers like us.

Anyways, enuf of all dat.  We had a pawsome time wif our mommas and dat are what counts!

My momma has been feelin pretty sick since she got back - breathin in dat nasty air in her grandparents' garage really did a number on her lungs.

And she are all beat up and bruised - it wuz tuff work!

So she has just been tryin to recuperate since gettin home - all while bein insulted by her "family."

Momma are hopin she can feel good enuf so we can go on a walk tomorrow.

I hope so too!

Anyways, we's just been relaxin since we got back.  Well, and barkin dem roofers cross da street.

Dat are Brinley's favoritest thing - she luvs to bark.  I like growling a lil more.

My momma has also been plannin on Howloween costumes - any guesses as to what we is gonna be??


  1. Scan the stuff into your computer. Hoard it on a disk drive and a flash drive backup. Your dogs won't have to shred, shred, shred and they can shed, shed, shed.

  2. We had to do that with my Dad's house a couple years was DREADFUL!! You two just are the CUTEST two westies ever!! So glad you had fun...but we sympathize with your moms!! Your dresses are beautiful!!

    1. Fanks! It wuz tuff work - and den gettin garbage from extended family when dey got back to town just added to it.

  3. Hari OM
    OMD... I'sa been trying to get my father to begin his own decluttering... but he is so much a hoarder.................... sigh. So sorry the 'family' fur is flying; as ya say - ya can choose yer friends, but yer stuck with blood. Sigh again... you do a grand job of cheering things up K&B!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Yeah, dere are definitely some nuts on my momma's family tree.

  4. OMD THIS MADE ME LAUGH!! "throw out your sex toys and nudie pics!!!" I better keep that in mind!! ;) xoxo

  5. Wow! All that made me tired just reading it! What a lot of work you all did! Glad you pups had a good time, though!

  6. Hey you two, would you send your Momma's to Iowa, I have a house that needs de-cluttering too.

    1. BOL, I think they is done wif cleanin for a while.

  7. We think you did a fantastic job of Morale Officers while there. SHE has been getting rid of stuffs all the time....less is more. And SHE gets along with HER family that SHE lives in Oz and they live in Virginia or Texas...BOL! Now, we think it is time for some bacon.

  8. It's a good thing your momma had you with her. It sounds like a ruff time. Puppers are the best family anyway!

  9. Your mamma's were so lucky to have you with them for moral support. We will let our grandma know about that sex toy/picture thing so our mom doesn't have the same trauma yours did. BOL!

  10. We saw on FB all that playing action. You girls were nonstop! We were proud of yous!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  11. Good you were there for you mamma's
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. OMD!
    What a tail you have related...and it brings back some memories..of the good the bad and the ugly. Pawppy's Mom had tons of stuff and nobody wanted to declutter it...yikes! Petcretary's peeps had a lot of stuff, but it was in an apt by the time it was necessary to 'clean it out', so much easier than doing that in a house. Next door years ago, it was so bad their kids got a dumpster...and filled it up multiple times OMD!! We always say, moving is the best way to get decluttered, but um...our peeps have been here over 30 years...29 of which has been as a married couple with kids and furry ones. Our unfur-boys are going to have a lot of work...but lets just not think about it, OK?? BOL! (That is pawppy's way of dealing with it, petcretary would have tossed junk eons ago.)

    1. Momma's udder grandparents' house wuz real bad too - but dey paid one of her uncles to clear it out - multiple trips to da dump! YIKES!


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