Monday, October 24, 2016

Howloween Hint #2

Well, we's gettin ready for Howloween here.  Ok, my momma has probably been gettin ready for Howloween for months now, but dat are what happens when ya has a hollyday bout candy, dressin up, and spooky stuff.  She are crazy like dat.

Today us pupses got to bust out da Howloween shirts.  Whitley's Howloween dress are still a lil too big for me, but da t-shirt are an ok fit (if ya likes you shirts loose).

I hope dis means dat we is too cute to get spooked and not too cute to spook somebody.  Cuz I hope my growlin spooks dem skwerrils.  And rabbits.  And joggers.  And walkers.  And cars drivin down da street.  And parked cars.  And well, ya gets da idea.  Dey are all ZOMBIEZ and need to be growled, right??

Ok, my BFF prefurs barkin em.  She handles da barkin and I handles da growlin.  #teamwork.

But I bet y'all want dat Howloween hint, right?  Anyways, here's a recap of whut we is NOT gonna be.

1. Not Casper and pals
2. Not bears.  Or Goldilocks and da three bears.
3. Not muske-terriers.  
4. Not witches.
5. Not Sleeping Beauty and da three fairies.
6. Nuffin from da Wizard of Oz.
7. Not kitteh cats.
8. Not Snow White and da dwarves.
9. Not pumpkins.
10. Not bald eagles.
11. Not mermaids.
12. Not da minions.
13. Not da four seasons.
14. Not ABBA.
15. Not steampunk.
16. Nuffin from Frozen.
17. Not munchkins.
18.  Not da Addams Family.
19. Not da Munsters.
20. Not cows.
21. Not Scooby Doo and da gang.
22. Not Peanuts characters.
23. Not Lil Bo Peep and da sheep.
24. Not da Big Bad Wolf and da piggies.
25. Not Lil Red Riding Hood.
26. Not da Good, da Bad, and da Ugly.
27. Not a sports team.
28. Not nail polish.
29. Not blue boo bars.
30. Not Powder Puff girls.
31. Not da rainbow.
32. Not crayons.
33. Not Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell, and Captain Hook.
34. Not cheerleaders.
35. Not M&Ms.
36. Not characters from Batman.
37. Not da Beatles.
38. Not Power Rangers.
39. Not super heroes.
40. Not legos.
41. Not fashun models.
42. Not trolls.
43. Not diseases.
44. Not longhorns.  Or any kindsa cattle.
45. Not teenage mutant ninja turtles.
46. Not teletubbies.
47. Not da IRS.
48. Not Candy Land Gingerbread Standees.
49. Not ninjas.

Ok, so for da furst hint, I told ya da colors we wuz wearin.  I are wearin black, Brinley are wearin white, Finley are wearin green, and my momma are wearin aqua.  And here a pickshure of da fabric for her costume as Hint #2.

Brinley's momma did a great job gettin it all ready!  So get to guessin!


  1. OMD! What is left to be??? I can hardly wait for the big reveal. ☺

  2. OMD....What could it be!! We are the meantime, those are some adorable shirts!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. Them is some scary critters you've been eliminating. How about Teenage mutant Westies?

  4. I gotzta think'bout this - no idea.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  5. Wow! We are out of ideas!! You are going to surprise us ALL!!

  6. I have run out of ideas...maybe you are going to be gumdrops?

  7. your howl-o-ween shirt is sure tooooo cute :o) will you be characters from star wars? maybe yowl-da, bark-vader, purrincess leia and chew-barker?

  8. Black, white, green and aqua....errrr.....gosh, this are sooo hard!?!
    Are you edibles????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. I don't think you will spook anyone with your cute face!

  10. we don't know - but we bet you will all look great

  11. Well I know I left a comment on Sundays post but what happened to it? I don't know.
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. It wuz on Wednesday's post. I's never delete your comment Sweet William. <3

  12. We are totally stumped so far
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. Replies
    1. Yup, all I needs are some dramatical music . . .

  14. Got it this time - Alice in wonderland, Cheshire Cat, March hare and one of the green critters!

    1. Nope! Although Alice wuz an idea my momma ALMOST picked.

  15. We have not clue what you will be yet but you do look cute in that shirt.


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