Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Not Wordless Wednesday

Normally I'd be doin a Wordless Wednesday post tonite.  

But since nobody has guessed our Howloween costumes yet, I decided to give y'all anudder clue.

Just so ya remember, here's a recap:

1. Not Casper and pals
2. Not bears.  Or Goldilocks and da three bears.
3. Not muske-terriers.  
4. Not witches.
5. Not Sleeping Beauty and da three fairies.
6. Nuffin from da Wizard of Oz.
7. Not kitteh cats.
8. Not Snow White and da dwarves.
9. Not pumpkins.
10. Not bald eagles.
11. Not mermaids.
12. Not da minions.
13. Not da four seasons.
14. Not ABBA.
15. Not steampunk.
16. Nuffin from Frozen.
17. Not munchkins.
18.  Not da Addams Family.
19. Not da Munsters.
20. Not cows.
21. Not Scooby Doo and da gang.
22. Not Peanuts characters.
23. Not Lil Bo Peep and da sheep.
24. Not da Big Bad Wolf and da piggies.
25. Not Lil Red Riding Hood.
26. Not da Good, da Bad, and da Ugly.
27. Not a sports team.
28. Not nail polish.
29. Not blue boo bars.
30. Not Powder Puff girls.
31. Not da rainbow.
32. Not crayons.
33. Not Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell, and Captain Hook.
34. Not cheerleaders.
35. Not M&Ms.
36. Not characters from Batman.
37. Not da Beatles.
38. Not Power Rangers.
39. Not super heroes.
40. Not legos.
41. Not fashun models.
42. Not trolls.
43. Not diseases.
44. Not longhorns.  Or any kindsa cattle.
45. Not teenage mutant ninja turtles.
46. Not teletubbies.
47. Not da IRS.
48. Not Candy Land Gingerbread Standees.
49. Not ninjas.
50. Not teenage mutant westies.
51. Not gumdrops.
52. Not characters from Star Wars.
53. Not edibles.
54. Not Alice in Wonderland characters.

For our furst hint, we told ya da colors of our costumes - I'm wearin black, Brinley is wearin white, Finley is wearin green, and my momma is wearin aqua.

Den we showed ya my momma's fabric:

For Hint #3 I are showin ya my momma's Howloween hair - she finally figgered out a way to have long blonde hair, BOL BOL!

So start guessin!

Like my eyeball shirt?  It are anudder one I inherited from Whitley.

Brinley and me is waitin for your guesses!  And treats, we's always waitin for treats.


  1. wow that's not easy... not even for Easy... maybe you will sailor moon and friends? or maybe the girl gang from clueless?

  2. We have not clue, but we know your mom is creative so it will be something good.

  3. We are still stumped and will probably still be until Halloween when you reveal your costumes.

  4. Are you going to be Marilyn Monroe
    Lily and Edward

  5. Momma has been muttering "I KNOW it!" ever since she saw that fabric, but she says she can't quite put her finger on it. It's really bugging her!!

  6. You're the colors of the rainbow at midnight.

  7. It looks very Little Mermaid...but not...Sheesh, we just can't get it!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  8. Is this from a Disney movie? Is your mom a mermaid? Oh no, Aerial had red hair. OK, still no clue!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. The eyeball shirt...BOL! Here's lookin' at you kid.

  10. the colors are stumping us!!! Black, white, green and aqua - hhhmmmm
    Mr bailey, Hazel& mabel

  11. I don't nose, this are sooo hard (nearly as hard as trying to get you blog to appear on my blog roll, why doesn't it, grrrr, I is worried I might miss a post!)
    Right so my guess…..errrr……Cinderella and the mices?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  12. Gosh I have no idea. But she should be Elle Woods for real though.

    1. She kinda wuz when she wuz at Hahvahd Law what wif da blonde hair, lil dog in clothes, and pink everything. BOL!

  13. Gotta be the featured girls for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

  14. We were thinking Little Mermaid have us all stumped!!

    1. My momma wants to do Lil Mermaid wif us sometime.

  15. Um, Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

  16. Rapunzel had long hair like that. Are you going to be a Rapunzel with her entourage??


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