Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Almost Wordless Wednesday

On my bike ride today, dis lady looked at me and said "it's a REAL dog! I thought it wuz a toy!" Just wonderin if dere are an epidemic of young women biking around wif stuffed animals in dere bike baskets dat momma and me wuz unaware of.  


  1. Hi there!

    We have you guys for the gift exchange! When you have a minute, can you email us with you likes/dislikes, name and address?
    Katkia222 at yahoo dot com


  2. Well, you don't look like a stuffie to us!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  3. My mom said she used to always carry her stuffed pets in her bike basket as a little girl. Now she doesn't even ride her bike. I think an adult with stuffies in the basket would be a bit odd. Madison

  4. That did make us laffs, the thought of lots of peeps riding around with stuffies in their bike basket. Do you finks there might be a special club fur them?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS I LUFFS Finley's smile in her photo

  5. Maybe you were holding so still that you looked like a stuffie. That is pretty funny.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

  6. BOL!! You are MUCH cuter than any stuffy we have ever seen!
    Arty, Jakey & Rosy

  7. I thought you'd be watching the 'boys instead of bike riding.

  8. Hope you cuties had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. @Collie222 - Will do! Sorry for the delay!

    @Mark Muller - Fanks!

    @Molly the AireGirl - I know, I are obviously real.

    @My GBGV Life - BOL, so did my momma.

    @Julie - Dere probably are. Maybe dey has Emotional Support Stuffies.

    @Millie and Walter - It made my momma laff.

    @Bella Roxy & Macdui - Fanks!

    @The Gang at LLB - Awwww, fank you!

    @Kismet - Bike riding was for Wednesday. Cowboys played on Thanksgiving. ;)

    @M Dawson - Fanks!

    @Ruby's Rescued Life - We did!


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