Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sunday Selfies

Hi pals!

We has been busy puppies dis weekend - helping da mommas get ready for a speshul birthday!

Ok, maybe sittin on da wrappin paper are not ackshually helpin, but all presents are better wif a lil bit of dog fur right??

Or maybe a LOT of dog fur.

Anyways, at least we got our walks in, even though it are gettin COLD.

We's already gotten a freeze! It are definitely cuddle weather!


  1. Lovely selfies this week, ladies, and we really love Finley's outfit, she sure does look smart and cosy. Ooh, birthday wrapping sounds like fun, and yes, life is meant to have fur on it or in it, MOL Now as to it getting cold, I never thought you guys got cold weather? Brrr, sounds like what you all need is more steak... maybe even bacon to warm you up!
    Toodle pips and purrs

  2. oh you got the most important job... gift wrapping is fabulous!

  3. @Erin the Cat - Nope, in Dallas we can get pretty cold. It's already frozen here!

    @Mark Muller - It are fun!

  4. Thank goodness you have lots of beautiful clothes to keep you warm in your frosty weather!

  5. I can't believe you didn't say whose birthday she is getting ready for???

  6. I thought there's be a big party after seeing USC go down to Cal.

  7. You all look so cute in you outfits. Your mom is lucky to have you help her by holding the paper in place while she wraps up the pressie.

  8. Yay!! We're back and we have missed you! We are back because after over a month of NOT coming, your blog is finally back in our inbox!! Woooo hooo!


  9. Oh! How exciting!!
    Birthday preparations are always so much fun!
    It's nice to see you cuties! We have missed you!
    It's all our Mama's fault. But we do think of you often and hope you are well! xx

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. Can you believe we are getting freezing temperatures in Houston?!? WTD! Y'all look adorable. Who is having a birthday??

  11. @Molly the AireGirl - Yup we duz!

    @My GBGV Life - Brinley and Finley's momma's. She's turning 60!

    @Kismet - And an even bigger one after UCLA beat $C dis weekend . . .

    @Millie and Walter - I know, I think we deserve treats for it!

    @Caren Gittleman - FINALLY!

    @ LP - Awww, fanks!

    @M. K. Clinton - It are crazy cold! And tomorrow is are Brinley and Finley's momma's birthday.

    @Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song - Fanks!


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