Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Eleckshun Day!

Well pals, it are Eleckshun Day here in da USA.

Da three of us has been thinking of gettin into pawliticks - here our da Westie Pawty platform.

  • Medicare STEAKS for All
  • Abolish ICE BAFFS
  • Student Loan ACCIDENTS IN THE HOUSE Forgiveness
  • Renewable Energy TREATS

Sounds like a good plan to me!


Anyways, it are no secret who we are supportin - da mommas has been workin on Beto's campaign.

But my momma had time to make us speshul Democrat dresses today!

So tell you pawrents to go vote!

Unless dey like Ted Cruz, BOL BOL! 

 Just kidding. Well, not really . . .


  1. Lee voted Greater Nati encountered long lines and a few technical glitches as they cast ballots Tuesday morning. Election officials said voters and poll workers were confused by a change in the voting machine system that now alerts voters if they have "undervoted," or left some races on their ballots blank. Electronic voting machines reportedly rejected some ballots that had not been completely filled out. What a wait!!!!
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. We love your dresses and have our paws crossed for Beto.

  3. Isn't Beto the mascot for the Texas Longhorns?

  4. Great dresses girls. What next for Beto?

  5. that is a super idea... we would vote for you!!!

  6. You have our vote. Sorry you got stuck with the devil. You can come stay with us in Canada but we think you would freeze to death!

  7. @Sweet William The Scot - Yikes! Momma early voted, so she didn't have to wait in line.

    @Millie and Walter - Unfortunately, our paws being crossed didn't work either.

    @Kismet - BOL. Well, he did win big in Austin.

    @Bouncing Bertie - Maybe a VP spot in 2020? Or maybe he'll run for Texas' other Senate seat then.

    @Mark Muller - Fanks!

    @Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady - I'd probably like it, but momma would be a popsicle!


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