Wednesday, May 15, 2019

May 18 - Wear Orange for Crockett

Furst off, we want to thank all our pals for all the nice comments about our sweet kitty Crockett. We miss him so much.

But if what ya has to say is somefin along da lines of curiosity killed da cat, well, ya better watch out becuz Finley are gonna come butt bite ya.

My grandma has been blaming herself for da accident and all da mommas are heartbroken. Crockett wuz da sweetest kitty.  

All of us pups luved him.

Da mommas has been crying and everyone are so sad.

I can't figger out which momma to kiss furst - it are hard work trying to lick up their tears.

At least I has some friends to help me.

Momma says when Whitley died, her Blogville pals did a special Dress Up for Whitley Day to celebrate her life.

So in that spirit, we are hosting a Wear Orange for Crockett Day on May 18.

It woulda been his fifth Gotcha Day, but he never got to see it. All the information is here and the blog hop will be open for a couple of weeks, so you'll have plenty of time to find somefin orange.

So this Saturday, wear orange and celebrate da bestest kitteh ever, Crockett! 

Pee Ess - Finley and Brinley are back to blogging, but their URL has changed. Be shure to visit (and follow!) them at


  1. You pups keep up the good work cheering the Momma up. (We doggies are good at that.) My ghostwriter says she will be sure to wear an orange shirt to work Saturday in honor of Crocket. We are all sending lots of hugs and POTP to your whole family.

  2. You all are working hard to keep everyone as happy as they can be. We hope our mom can find us something orange to wear but we will do our best to participate.

  3. I know you Westies are doing your best to cheer everyone up. It'll take time but your licks and loves help.

  4. Pipo got a lot of extra snuggles too, as did we pups, even when we were naughty...cause life is precious and one never knows...and we are feeling sad here too. way too sad, in fact. It seems everywhere she looks, she sees orange kitties.

    We continue our chorus of soft aroos and purrs for you all at this most difficult time. ((((( ♥ )))))

    We will try to find our orange things that petcretary has stashed from something she did with MJF, years ago...

  5. we will join you with wearing orange... we are still so sad that life played such a mean trick and caused so much tears in your house...

  6. We will have our orange on for Crockett♥

  7. The blame thing is hard. My mom feels she should have done more for Emma, but there really wasn't more to do. Losing a loved kitty or pup is a terrible thing. Orange day is a great way to honor him.

  8. This is easy. I'll sport my best orange beak.

  9. It's so hard in the furst few days. Eventually you'll reach a new normal, but there will always be a Crockett-shaped hole in your heart. <3 I'm going to find something orange tonight!

  10. That sounds like a wonderful way to honor Crockett.
    big hugs to your Grandma and your Momma

  11. We are so sorry for your loss. Lady lost her Gemini to an accident and it took her forever to accept it was an accident. Hugs to you all.


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