Tuesday, May 7, 2019

New Dresses Don't Bug Me!

I's a happy go lucky pup, not much bugs me!

Maybe I bug Finley though, sometimes she are not in da mood from puppy anticks.

Puppy anticks? Certainly we wouldn't cause any of those!

Lotsa things on TV bug Brinley. Windshield wipers, storms, people running, kids jumping on begs, dogs, horses, sex predators, a certain cheeto-in-chief (sorry if I is being repetitive) . . . 

But wait, I are not just barkin bout what bugs us.

I are ackshually showing off another one of our new birthday dresses my momma made.

Which has ladybugs on it!

Which makes me wonder . . . 

If they's ladybugs, how are there baby ladybugs . . . 

I just heard a big SIGH outta Finley.

But ladybugs are not da only things buggin out.

Cuz dere are ants on da other side of dis dress.

At least they are not ants in our pants.


Best of all, these ants don't make ya itchy.

I heard ants can carry 10-50 times their bodyweight in food.


Just think of da feast da three of us could have!


  1. oooh we guessed it that the buttons have the absloute awwww!-effect... beautiful!!!

  2. Love the checkers and both sides of the dresses! We have ants crawling around here now and mom is hoping the ant traps work in a hurry!

  3. Your mom should be marketing and selling these dresses in a nice store or online. I know people would go crazy over them!

  4. BOL BOL I love your new frocks especially the lady bugs...they are lucky too.
    You know me and red...loving that too and the contrasting ric-rac
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Those dresses are so cute. We love both sides.

  6. We think you might be able to carry a whole steer!

  7. We think those dresses are perfect! I happen to love bugs. (They're very tasty.)

  8. #GOALS BOL MOL that made Mama giggle ;) Those dresses are pawesome fur a picnic that should include lots of bacon and lots of eggie weggie salad!!

    Matt & Matilda

  9. @Molly the AireGirl - My momma are not a fan of em - she's slightly allergic, so ant bites are very annoying!
    @My GBGV Life - Awww, fanks!
    @My Mind's Eye - Momma luvs red on us - she wishes she looked that good in it!
    @Millie and Walter - Fanks!
    @Bella Roxy & Macdui - That would be a dinner!
    @C.L.W.STEP - We knew you'd like em!
    @The Adventures of The Bell Fur Zoo - YUMMMM!


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