Friday, May 17, 2019

Comic Relief

Well, ya know how us pups make people feel better? Well, me and Brinley are trying our best to distract em from da sads.

Brinley decided to take the whole "Wear Orange for Crockett" thing literally and tip-toed through da orange paint (it are kinda velveeta-colored, BOL!) dat her momma wuz painting da entry hall. Uhh, nobody wuz too happy and Brinley's feetsies (and da carpet) got a baff. I says we blame it all on da pest control guy who wuz ringin da doorbell lookin for bizness.

Hasn't he heard dat westies are da best pest control? And we dubble as comic relief.  

Remember to Wear Orange for Crockett tomorrow, May 18. It woulda been his fifth Gotcha Day, but he never got to see it. All his pals all over the world are gonna be wearing orange for him. Ya don't wanna miss out. All the information is here and da blog hop are already live! So get your orange on! just maybe not wif paint . . .


  1. You couldn't have picked a more perfect color to traipse through, Brinley. We're wearing our orange too and sending lots of loving thoughts your way♥

  2. Sweet and funny - we all need a laugh and giggle this week - thanks!

  3. You look beautiful. Crockett would approve. XO

  4. Do Westies or that pest control guy get rid of unsolicited phone calls trying to sell me something I don't want or need?


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