Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

To all da mommas out there - we hope your day wuz furbulous!

We handed out some extra snuggles and hugs today. Da best presents ya can get!

Speaking of mommas, ours has been way too busy!

They finally got all da wallpaper off da entry hall. For some reason, when we try shredding paper or eating walls, they don't approve, but when they do it, it's hard work. 

Hmmm, dis just ain't fair.

We had some more rainy days too, so it wuz just snoopervising da home renovayshuns.

Yeah, kinda yawn-worthy.

But at least they wuz too busy to give us baffs! I say we still look pretty good in these selfies . . . 

But today wuz all about Brinley and Finley's momma!

My momma made her crab cakes eggs benedict, mimosas, and key lime pie!

And she also got some pawsome new jewelry and roses!

Happy Mother's Day grandma, I luvs ya!!!


  1. Hi everyone! Happy Sunday Selfies and also Ma's Day, too.
    I have to say, bath or not, you all look quite charming, and Finley looks wonderful in her new all in one—is that a designer label? It does look rather dapper and posh.
    As to redecorating, well I do try to avoid all such things especially when Mrs H does them as they tend to be noisy messy and slightly wayward and I get covered, MOL
    Lots of purrs
    PS I do hopes you got some crab cakes, too?!

  2. happy mom day to your moms... I bet your mom loved the jewelry and da roses but the best for her are her fabulous westie girls yes!!!!

  3. Happy Mums day to your mums,xx Speedy

  4. Happy Mother's Day to your mom and to your gram!

  5. It's always important to spoil the moms on Mom's Day Weekend. They deserve it because they spoil us all the time.

  6. Glad the moms are too busy for baths and hope they stay that busy forever.

  7. We had a nice big mom's day dinner with the whole family yesterday. Everyone gave me yum yum samples too! I'm glad you were able to skil the bath yesterday, but we don't envy all that work your mom is doing with the wall paper.

  8. A late Happy Mothers Day to your Mama and Grandma

  9. OMD, I sure hopes your Gma got lots of FABulous bling for Mother's Day!!! That box looks interesting.....☺
    Tells your Moms and Gma...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
    Ruby ♥


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