Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sunflower Selfies

Well, it's Sunday, so it are selfie time!


Can ya believe these were the pre-baff selfies?? I thought we looked clean enuf, but momma seemed to think we needed baffs anyways.

In funner news (and really, most things are funner dan a baff), we got to show off da udder side of our new dresses today. 

It are sunflowers!

Which are why we are saying these are sunflower selfies.

Dere's even sunflower buttons!

I think Brinley's more interested in da treats dan da buttons, MOL.

Ummm, speaking of those treats . . .


  1. Waits....these pics are PRE water torture??!! sigh. sorry gurls. I thinks your Moms has lost her mind! You look pawfectly clean to me!!!
    Oh, and lovely dresses btw! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  2. @Ruby - Yeah, I thought we looked fine too! She said we were starting to smell - SO RUDE!

  3. I would normally agree with you that there is NOTHING good to be said about humans giving baths. . . . . but, you ladies sure do come up sparkling, and with them pretty dresses you must be the talk of the state when you go out for a promenade. Why, I bet there are boys queuing for miles just to catch a glimpse of you all, and your devoted team of assistants.
    Have a wonderful—and bath free week, to come.

  4. I love sunflowers so I think your dresses are beautiful! Of course, all of your dresses are amazing.

  5. @Erin the Cat Princess - Well, we do stop traffic sometimes.
    @M. K. Clinton - Fanks!

  6. your dresses are super beautiful... and maybe they encourage the sun to come out from that gray clouds bed? we hope so LOL

  7. @easyweimaraner - Well, we did get a lil sunshine today!

  8. Sunflowers always make us smile! Love your dresses! I got my bath on Saturday~

  9. We are very thankful we don't get nearly as many baths as you all do!

  10. Oh I LUFFS your dresses and those pawsome buttons.
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  11. You could be models for the state of Kansas and its beautiful sunflowers:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. It's about time you had a bath. It's been at least 30 minutes since the last one.

  13. Your dresses are very fashionable and definitely haute couture! Perfect summer time colors too!

  14. We just love the sunny side of your dresses. They sure made us smile today.

  15. Love sunflowers. Your dress is just SO gorgeous!!!

  16. Love the sunflower buttons!
    Mabel & Hilda

  17. You always look good. Sometimes I think baffs have more to do with smell.

  18. @Molly the AireGirl - Fanks!
    @My GBGV Life - Finley has to have a couple a week because of her allergies. Momma says I need a weekly baff because I sleep up next to her head, BOL.
    @Julie - Fanks!
    @♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ - Awww, fank you! We could be white Totos!
    @Kismet - NO!
    @C.L.W.STEP - Fanks!
    @Millie and Walter - Fanks!
    @Dash Kitten Crew - Fank you!
    @Idaho PugRanch - Fanks!
    @Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song - Yeah, me too.

  19. We here are not even sure what a bath is...petcretary says just wait and see...BOL! They have had baths but not frequently...though Benji will need one sooner than later. Now that will be an experience. MJF had a few in his lifetime too... You do look great in those sunflowers! We have some volunteer sunflowers, but we think the ones on your dresses are prettier...and of course ours are not even blooming/budding as yet.

  20. @Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs - Sunflowers aren't really blooming here yet either. Momma wuz early for once!


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