Friday, February 28, 2020

Flower Friday

It's Flower Friday and we finally got some good weather so we got to spend most of the day outside! 

It's about time, we wuz gettin tired of all da rain and cold!

We got our walk in today too.

Da nayborhood are SAFE after our patrol.

They really should pay us wif a steak for our hard work. 

Finley had to go to da vet today.

But no worries, it wuz just to get some blood results re-checked.

Her weight is back up to where it should be, so that wuz good news.

Now for some more outdoor pics . . . 

Brinley luvs walking through the flower beds.

I had to taste test the air. Yup, spring is here!

Such pretty daffies.

We just luv spring!!


  1. Your outdoor pictures look awesome! We are glad everything was okay at the vet.

    1. Yeah, we're waiting for the results, but her weight wuz up, so that's good.

  2. We have 22F here,and a load of snow on the ground...nope, no spring here yet...

    Love that you have such a early start to the blooms! And you are all pretty too, girls.

    Hope the vet report comes back A-OK!

  3. Ah, sunny spring days outdoors. Nothing better. In soggy Scotland we can only dream at the moment....

    1. You'd be happy to know I did get muddy since our ground are a lil soggy too.

  4. You two look like mirror twins...BOL. Love your tongue outs.

  5. Yay, Finley! We love hearing good news and we LOVE that first photo. Happy Leap Day!

  6. Hooray for springtime! Wish it would hurry up here in WNY!

  7. Thanks for showing us your spring. We're right where Chester is in WNY too and it will be a couple of months before we see any daffies.

  8. Those are dillies. You're daffy.

  9. I love the spring flowers, and you both look wonderful in the Spring sunshine!

  10. Those are some very beautimous daffies, girls...but not as pretty as you three!!


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