Thursday, February 13, 2020

Galentine's Day!

Happy Galentine's Day!

Ya know us westie girls - we is all about GRRRRL power, so we want to wish all our gal pals a very happy Galentine's Day!

Sisters before misters! Females before he-males! Chicks before d . . . chickens!!!

Speaking of chikkens, we got some chikky broth tonite wif dinner, what a way to celebrate!!


  1. Good one, you gals!! Happy Galentine's Day to all the gals at your den:).

    PS: Never heard of that, did you invent or is actually an alternative to the Val part of Feb 14th??

    1. Nope, we didn't invent it. It's kind of an "in addition to" Valentine's Day. It's on the 13th and you celebrate your girlfriends (not the romantical kind, BOL) and friendship.

  2. My Gal Gail tells me she is celebrating Galentine's Day today by meeting her girlfriends for lunch at the Art Gallery, where neither male nor female dogs are allowed in.
    I do not approve.
    Toodle pip!

  3. We are all about girl power at our house, except for cat bro Bert, but we let him know girls rule, boy cats drool.

  4. Oooh, I like the sounds of this new celebration. Does it mean you get two lots of ghifts and two lots of proposals? Of course trouble with that is you could end up with twice the amount of male strife, MOL

  5. Happy Galentine's day to all you gals.

  6. Those weren't Valentine's Day sentiments.

  7. We're all in favour of GALentine's Day! And you, two, look like such sweethearts in that first photo.

  8. Happy Galentine's Day to you all!! We hope you all have such a special day. Chikky broth sounds delicious with your dinner. We hope you enjoyed. Have a great upcoming weekend.
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