Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Selfies

It's Sunday, so it's selfie time!

We missed out on our walk today since it wuz drizzly. 

For SOME reason, da mommas is opposed to walking in drizzle.

Dey don't have built-in fur coats like us!

But we did get to wear our new t-shirts. Da mommas went to Petsmart to get some ear wash for Finley (and kitty treats) and got us these new t-shirts. 

We are pretty sparkling cute!!


  1. we have the same weather... all peeps look funny around their heads LOL

  2. Oh my, I didn't think it possible you gals could look even cuter than you are, but I was wrong. We adore your new T shirts and hope they came complete withpockets for treats ;)

  3. Drizzly days are no fun. Love your pretty T's!

  4. Drizzle is messy. We go out in it, but Mom doesn't like being out in it.

  5. Those t-shirts are perfect for you girls. You are so cute all the time though.

  6. You don't need a shirt to tell the world that you're cute.

  7. Hmph, I wish my momma thought like your momma! We both have raincoats and go walking no matter what! (Okay, Momma says if it's "pouring" we don't walk, but we do in drizzle and light rain.)

    1. Momma's got a raincoat too, but she hates it, so the only walk we get is walked until we do our bizness.

  8. You pups are always sweet and cute, no matter the weather, let alone the clothes!!

    Do they have a boy T, with the same sentiment on it?? We need one to prove we are not as naughty as *she* thinks...

    Petcretary awww'd at your double-selfie!

  9. You ladies look very nice in your new shirts!

  10. Your mom should knit herself something so she can walk in the rain with you.


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