Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday Selfies

Hi pals! Well, we didn't have any birthdays to celebrate today, but we had a fun day!

Even if steak woulda made it better!

And we remembered to take our selfies before we went out in the backyard for Zombie Rodent Patrol. Yeah, dere is zombie rodents and since we're now FOUR we is uniquely qualified to bark em. We saw one, a very suspishus skewerril, we are pretty shure he wuz planning on attacking my momma. We barked him away. 

Well, before Zombie Rodent Patrol, we also got to model one of our new dresses. Brinley's momma made it.

We got it for Brinley's birthday. Yeah, that's when I got it too. 

It's got a celestial theme wif moons, suns, and stars. 

Which are fitting since we are stars.

And modest too!


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